Inflatable Boat Saves Sinking Yacht

It’s been awhile since we posted last but I thought this story justified the time it takes to tell.

About a week ago we got in a severly damaged inflatable boat, it looked like it went through a warzone to say the least. What happened was a thru hull fitting blew out in the yacht and she was taking on water quick. One of the crew decided to drop the hook to get her stationary without checking with the captain. The anchor fell and went thru the inflatable one one side of the tubeset,the floor and one chamber on the other side of the tubeset!

After much confusion the decision was made to abandon ship to the dinghy (the one the anchor went thru). As the boat went down it started to pull the dinghy along with it so the crew found themselves in the water scratching for the one chamber that was still inflated. All hands thought that was it, they would be lost in the blue never to be heard of again.The dinghy had other plans though…

After much bubbling and hissing the dinghy found it’s center mass to the line still attached to the now sunken yacht and with all of an inflatable boat’s floatation power lifted the bow of the yacht to the surface. The crew made to the dinghy and clung on until they were rescued. When the salvage team went out to assess the situation they found the inflatable boat still holding strong and the yacht’s bow still showing. Suffice it to say that the salvage job was much easier as they were able to attach inflatable air bags to bring her back up.

The captain brought the dinghy in for repair and she is currently getting her final touches completed before joing the yacht again. You can’t even tell where the anchor went thru and she holds air like she did when it was new!

I couldn’t make this up if I tried, and I doubt there is a much better story as to the bouyancy and safety of the inflatable boat. Boat in confidence with an inflatable boat and live to tell the sea tales you read about in school.