Midway Island And The Laysan Albatross

The Captain asked me to swing by his desk for a second today to “check something out”. Usually this is to check out some inflatable boat design or item, but today it was to check out a trailer for a film called “Midway”. (see embedded) or view at www.midwayfilm.com

I have to say that I was moved enough to post the trailer here.Too much of our enviroment is trashed and full of plastic garbage and this hammers it home. I constantly see empty cans and plastic bottles in my landings on beaches everywhere I go. I’ve taken to carrying trash bags so I can pick this crap up and dispose of it properly. Why can’t people just take their trash with them? You can’t hardly find a place that doesn’t have plastic waste on it or beer cans creating an ecological nightmare. Go ahead and look next time you’re out in your boat or dinghy and you’ll see what I mean. Too often we’ll get motors in the shop that suck this stuff up into their cooling systems causing expensive repairs and much frustration.

Do your part, pick up your trash and help keep the water clean for another generation.  Let’s not be the last one.

Go Anywhere Do Anything Go Commando

Another Bombard Commando C-4 in the field doing work on our nation’s waterways.

This one comes from a customer in Idaho who is helping to control the Bass Population one fish at a time!

bass and trout tsmithbass2 tsmithbass3 tsmithbass4

The Yamaha F20 hp seems to be the weapon of choice rigged to the C-4 Commando (rated to 50 hp) because of it’s light weight and incredible performance and fuel economy. Mike here at IBC runs the same setup himself for fishing and crabbing on the coast of Oregon. Does it work? Lets just say he eats alot of seafood and brings alot in for his shipmates here at the shop.

Fishing, diving, recreation, and work the Bombard Commando does it all and takes the blue water no problem. Get one today at www.inflatableboats.com and GO Commando!

End Of Summer R.I.B. Cookout

Get your fill on a new R.I.B. at substantial savings!

The “End Of Summer R.I.B. Cookout” is going on now at IBC in Portland.

R.I.B.s in Zesty Hypalon or Original Recipe PVC!

MMMM good savings!

ribcookout copy

Reserve your place at the table, call (503)235-2628 or go hungry.

East Pierce Fire and Rescue #22

Yet another Pierce County boat delivered for Rescue Operations.

The universally recognized Zodiac MK2 Classic HD, 13′ 9″ of go anywhere and do anything with optional soft fuel bladder. east pierce fire rescue east pierce fire rescue2

Obviously the various Pierce Counties of America have some knowlege in Rescue Operations as they seem to keep getting the right boats for the jobs at hand.

IBC is there when you need a Rescue Boat, any size, any water.




I get alot of calls from fisherman looking for the ultimate bass setup. They ask me what I use, where I go etc.The answer is pretty obvious, I run a Bombard C4 Commando with a Yamaha F20 as the mill, and I go everywhere the other boats can’t go. This rig ought to be registered as a lethal weapon because you become a Bassassin with it.

The basic Bassassin Rig looks like my friend Thomas’s here. thomas smith bassassin thomas smith bassassin2 thomas smith bassassin3(let’s just call him Mr. Smith) On my personal Bassassin Boat I utilize a quiet foam non-skid product that gives me an even better edge (forget about the carpet) over the competition. Everything is available to the experianced Bass Fisherman and the beginner alike by going to www.inflatableboats.com and ordering online.

Want to be a Bassassin instead of Joe or Jane Average Angler?


Pierce County Swift Water Rescue

When Swift Water Rescue Teams like Pierce County Washington need something done to their boats IBC is there. In this case Pierce County’s Swift Water Rescue Team needed reflective lettering applied to their boats in less than day to provide continuous service on the water. IBC responed and had the job done in record time.

pierce county swift water rescue pierce county swift water rescue2 pierce county swift water rescue3 pierce county swift water rescue4

C4 Summer

This Summer has been the Summer of the C4 Commando.

IBC has been preselling everyone that comes in for good reason, they are phenominal boats at an awesome price.

Don’t delay get one today in red or black and GO COMMANDO!

Here’s a couple of pics of one that got delivered over the weekend to a lucky guy named James in the Seattle area.

You will undoubtably see him with crab pots and fish on the water with his wolf.