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Zodiac MK3 Futura HD Making Adventure Reachable

We love the Zodiac MK3 Futura for so many reasons. It’s the passport to adventure and discovery for the millions and millions of miles of unexplored territory on this big blue marble of ours. At IBC we sell and outfit boats for any adventure or mission. Our years of use in some of the most remote places on Earth help to solidify our vast technical knowlege with practical experiance to select the right boat for the job. Far away beaches, rivers,bays and lakes all brought to you by IBC.
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“These images show typical usage of Zodiac Futura Mark 3 boats for geologic fieldwork in Alaska.” (John Garver)

Fast Water Rescue? No Problem!

Zulu Foxtrot and Bravo Charlie shared some pics of their Veteran’s Day Patrol upriver. Notice the fastwater, hyper-aerated areas, and whirlpools galore! This is pretty much a no boat zone and proof of that is in the line of boats downriver unable to proceed. The nature of the Zodaic Inflatable makes this quick and easy not to mention surprisingly dry.

Fastwater rescue in this zone is usually due to victims falling from aloft or ashore and getting trapped. This area in this type of condition is a death sentence for a skiff or similar hulled vessel. More and more fire departments and police departments are moving to the Zodiac Inflatable for reasons illustrated in the following photographs. Mission parameters are to save lives not endanger them, and nothing beats the Zodiac at this.

Mission Accomplished at the Inflatable Boat Center!

Call (503)235-2628 and load out your teams with the right gear for the mission today!

And to everyone who has served our country thanks on this Veteran’s day.

oregon city falls by zodiac 8 oregon city falls by zodiac oregon city falls by zodiac 2 oregon city falls by zodiac 3 oregon city falls by zodiac 4 oregon city falls by zodiac 5 oregon city falls by zodiac 6 oregon city falls by zodiac 7

Cleaners and Conditioners

November always seems to be the month where boaters are laying up their boats until the warm weather comes around again.Before you decide to pack up the inflatable boat you should give it a good cleaning followed by a conditioning treatment.What we use here at IBC are the products from Aurora and some of the 303 Aerospace Protectant for all types and makes of inflatable boats.
For those R.I.B.s that have sat stationary in the water and now have a green beard we use inflatable bottom spray, followed by Polyguard and Repplin antifoulant.
Watch the video and see Adam make quick work of it with the Inflatable Bottom Spray product from Aurora.

For those grimey or slimey roll ups and tubesets I like Speed Clean. It works on Hypalon and P.V.C. alike and does’nt break down the plasticizers on the cheaper boats like so many other products do.What that translates to is no sticky gross tubes like dish soap and other cleaners with a high ph do to PVC and Hypalon inflatable boats.

You spent the money, take care of your boat properly and you’ll have years of worry free use.

Remember don’t roll up a dirty wet boat and stuff it into a bin until next season and you’ll have a great opening day experiance.

All of IBC’s Cleaners and Conditioners are available on our Main Site, and as always if you have any questions give us a call (503)235-2628 and we’ll get you the right stuff for your boat.

Adding Nav Lights To An Inflatable Boat

Sometimes a day trip goes a little bit longer than originally intended and before you know it you’re in the inky dark.

In this installment I’m going to show you how to install a set of removable nav lights to your inflatable boat.

So you went to and bought adhesive for your boat and your navlights and have everything laid out and ready to go.

Your Zodiac or other brand of inflatable boat is fully inflated and clean from all debris and gunk.

  1. Take your bow and stern lights out of the packaging and trace their respective locations with a silver Sharpie and set aside for later.(if Hypalon scuff area marked out with sandpaper)bow light layout 2
  2. Pour adhesive into a disposable paper cup or similar taking care not to introduce bubbles.pour glue
  3. Add the correct amount of catalyst per the manufacturer’s instructions.add catalyst
  4. Mix well taking care to not introduce bubbles to the mixture then set aside.mix
  5. Clean glue pad and areas you marked out earlier with correct solvent in both forward and aft locations.mek stern light pad
  6. Wait 5 minutes
  7. Repeat cleaning with solvent on glue pads and areas marked out.mek stern light pad
  8. Wait 5 minutes.
  9. With a natural short or trimmed bristle brush apply a THIN LAYER of adhesive to both glue pads and areas marked out on the boat.bow light glue
  10. Wait 5 minutes
  11. Apply a second THIN LAYER of adhesive to both glue pads and areas marked out on the boat.bow light pad glue
  12. Wait 5 minutes.
  13. Align your bow light glue pad with your marks making sure the orientation is correct and press down firmly.bow light cure
  14. Use a dull putty knife or spoon or whatever you have that is stiff and not sharp to “bone” or burnish the glue pad from the center out to the sides or edges.bow light bone
  15. Repeat step 14 above for the stern light.stern light adhesion
  16. Clean off excess glue from around areas with a lint free rag dampened (not soaking wet) with solvent.
  17. Wait 3 days prior to use.

You’ve just completed installing your portable nav light set!completed stern and rod holder

Good Job!

Don’t forget the batteries and I’ll see you out on the water.

We went ahead and added a Scotty glue on rod holder base at the same time we did the lights. The Scotty glue on base accepts fish finder/GPS display holders,crap pot pullers as well as the ever popular GoPro Camera Mount and more all in one system. Get yours at and make your inflatable boat even more awesome.

rod holder installed inboard rod holder installed scotty fish finder installed

135_CameraMount_GoPro scy135_CameraMount_NormalCamera