Downrigger Mounts For Inflatable Boats

I get asked this question alot, “How do you mount a downrigger to a Zodiac?”. The answer is actually pretty easy as it turns out, use a Scotty Glue on Pad or a Weaver Ultra Mount setup. Scotty has done alot of work making their system compatible with just about everything that floats and all of the products fit with the same base. (see below for example of this)

rod holder installed scotty fish finder installed rod holder installed inboard

The Weaver System uses a similar glue on setup but uses “Bolt Pads” with a common thread size making attachments as easy as lefty loosey – righty tighty. By using the Weaver Bolt Pads you can customize just about anything you can imagine onto your Zodiac or other brand of inflatable boat.(see below for examples)

ultra mount 2 ultra mount 4 ultra mount

Get the Scotty System or the Weaver System by going to our website or by calling (503)235-2628 and speaking to our friendly sales staff.


SeaDek Sheet Installation D.I.Y.

Today I’d like to talk about SeaDek installation. SeaDek as most of you are aware or are learning now is a non-skid marine product that we (IBC) have been fitting on our deluxe tenders and rescue boats for a couple of years. We love how it works in the wet and use it on our personal boats as well.

So you’re a d.i.y. guy or gal and have purchased a large sheet of SeaDek from IBC to install yourself.

1. remove your floor boards from your boat

2. clean your floor boards

3. use your floor boards as a template taking care to measure off the “H” members that join them together

4. use a sharp bladed knife like a box cutter  to cut your pieces

seadek large sheet installation

5. check the fit of each piece to it’s corresponding floor board section.

seadek floor board installation 2

6. mark off any areas the stringers or “H” members will need clear and trim to marks

7. peel off a section of the backing paper and fold it back exposing a small area of the adhesive and fit into place (this will act as an anchor to ensure you install as straight and true as possible)

8. peel off remaining paper backing and stick to floor boards

seadek floor board installation

9. press down with your hands or a roller over the entire surface to ensure good adhesion

10. re-install your floor boards

zodiac fish n hunt seadek 2 zodiac fish n hunt seadek 3 zodiac fish n hunt seadek 4 zodiac fish n hunt seadek 5 zodiac fish n hunt seadek 6 zodiac fish n hunt seadek

11. enjoy!


Take your time during installation and you will enjoy years of good traction and good looks.

Snow Camo pattern on this Commando C4R Rescue Boat
Snow Camo pattern on this Commando C4R Rescue Boat

Rember IBC offers complete design and installation of your custom SeaDek System.


IBC Designed Custom Teak SeaDek Kit for Zodiac Yachtline 380 DL above and installed below.


Zodiac Yachtline 420 DL SeaDek Installation Custom Teak Kit Pics Below

Zodiac Yachtline 420 DL Custom SeaDek Installation Zodiac Yachtline 420 DL Custom SeaDek Installation Zodiac Yachtline 420 DL Custom SeaDek Installation

For you D.I.Y. people out there you can purchse what you need here

As always we are here to help so if you have any questions give us a call (503) 235-2628 and see what makes IBC #1 in the World for Sales Service And Repair of inflatable boats.

Camo Pontoons For Sportsmen Sneak Peak

We like to keep fellow Watermen and Sportsmen apprised of things that are of interest and today’s offering is no exception.IBC is pleased to announce they will be showing the new camo pontoons at the NW Sportsmen’s Show in Febuary at the Portland Expo Center.The all new camo pontoons will be available for pre-order starting….NOW!

Call (503)235-2628 and reserve yours today. They are selling quick to the guides and outfitters that have come thru the shop so don’t miss your chance.

IBC World Exclusive

Very Limited Numbers

Deliveries to begin in March.

A first look at the camo pontoon pattern for 2014. Another IBC World Exclusive!
A first look at the camo pontoon pattern for 2014. Another IBC World Exclusive!


Northwest Sportsmen’s Show

Finally a show we actually want to go to! (outside of working it that is)

The 39th Northwest Sportsmen’s Show is coming to the Portland Expo Center again and that means awesome stuff for adventures out in the Pacific NW woods and waterways. Fishing,crabbing,hunting,camping,watersports,shooting and more! If you are like Mike you look forward to this one every year and for good reason. This is the biggest sportsmen’s show West of the Mighty Mississippi with over a bazillion exhibitors catering to the outdoorsman.

Look for IBC World Exclusive Deals on Zodiac/Bombard Fish N Hunt Inflatable Boats, Camo Pontoons,Bombard Typhoons,Kayaks, and more! Only at IBC will you find the World’s Largest Selection of Inflatable Boats specifically geared towards life in the Pacific NW and Arctic Regions for people who live, work, and play hard.

Come see us at the 39th Pacific Nothwest Sportsmens Show at The  Portland Expo Center Booth # 1143 Febuary 5-9 2014.

The BIGGEST SHOW  West of the Mississippi !!!

Show Hours Wednesday: 11am – 9pm Thursday: 11am – 9pm Friday: 11am – 9pm Saturday: 10am – 8pm Sunday: 10am – 6pm

fish n hunt flyer