States add another month to lower Columbia Chinook season!

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Chinook Fishing Bouy 10 Columbia River Oregon From Bombard Commando C4
Chinook Fishing Bouy 10 Columbia River Oregon From Bombard Commando C4

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May 13, 2014

CLACKAMAS, Ore. – An improved outlook for the number of upriver spring Chinook salmon returning to the Columbia River prompted fishery managers from Oregon and Washington to reopen the recreational fishing season below Bonneville Dam for another month.

Spring Chinook fishing will reopen on the lower Columbia from Thursday, May 15 through Sunday, June 15 under rules adopted today during a joint state hearing of fish and wildlife officials from the two states.

The joint state action is based on a revised estimate of salmon returns issued on Monday by the U.S. v. Oregon Technical Advisory Committee, which adjusted its expected return of upriver Chinook to 224,000 fish, up from the previous estimate of a minimum 185,000 upriver fish.

“We’re pleased to see these additional fish moving into the Columbia, and the opportunity this creates to provide an extended period of recreational salmon fishing,” said John North, ODFW’s Columbia River Program manager. “This is the scenario we were hoping for and we’re glad to see it materialize.”

This is the fourth time this year that fishery managers have extended the spring Chinook season in response to updated information about fish passage and angler success rates. The most recent reopening took place May 9-10.

Under the rules approved at today’s hearing, the season opens to both boat and bank fishing from Tongue Point upstream to the Bonneville Dam deadline. The bag limit is two adult adipose fin-clipped salmonids (salmon or steelhead) per day, of which only one may be a Chinook. Shad and adipose fin-clipped jack Chinook may also be kept. All sockeye salmon must be released unharmed.

Above Bonneville and upriver to the Oregon/Washington border, Chinook and steelhead fishing remains closed but managers may consider additional opportunity in this area if additional fish become available.

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Bombard Commando C4 Assembly

Here’s a couple of questions I get asked by first time buyers and seasoned sailors alike;”How does the Bombard Commando stack up against other inflatable boats with an inflatable keel?” and “I heard the Bombard Commando boats are hard to put together because they have a wooden keel, is that true?”

Well, the first answer is they stack up pretty well and in most cases better than an air keeled boat due to the wooden keel and heavy duty floorboard arrangement. They typically go faster, carry more weight, and perform much better in turns and in chop not to mention usually they are rated for more horse power.

The second answer is a bit easier and is a resounding “FALSE”! They go together very easily indeed when following the steps in order. In this writer’s opinion they go together much easier because the keel does all of the hard work when fitting floorboards and stringers. When you compare putting a Classic or Futura together you know the stringers and floorboards can be a real bear.

I took a few pics of Mike putting together a C4 yesterday to illustrate the point. When we filmed him in one shot on a MK2 Classic assembly it took him about 20 minutes to do it by himself. When we went to set up the cameras yesterday he was done before we were and had an informal time of about seven minutes by himself. Just to clarify he used a 12 volt inflation pump on both models instead of the foot pump supplied with the boats.

The pics follow below in order of operation.

1. inflate a new boat out of the box without the floorboards to “stretch it out”

Stretch your boat without the floorboards prior to assembling for the first time.
Stretch your boat without the floorboards prior to assembling for the first time.

2. deflate the boat hull to prepare for assembly

Deflate your boat to prepare for assembly
Deflate your boat to prepare for assembly

3. fit the forward floorboard onto the forward keel section and place into bow of boat ensuring the keel is in the keel locks

bombard commando c4 keel lock3

bombard commando c4 keel lock2

bombard commando c4 forward keel

bombard commando c4 forward floorboards 1

bombard commando c4 keel lock

4. add the rest of the keel sections

bombard commando c4 keel teepee

5. add the remaining forward floor boards ensuring they are fit tight together

bombard commando c4 forward floorboards 22 bombard commando c4 forward floorboards3

6. install the transom or aft floorboard (the floorboards have a sticker showing their proper location)

bombard commando c4 transom floorboard sticker

bombard commando c4 transom floorboard

7. install remaining floorboards in their respective places ensuring the keel locks are in and form a teepee

bombard commando c4 floorboard teepee bombard commando c4 floorboard teepee2

8. push the floorboards down with your foot and install the stringers

bombard commando c4 pushing floorboards down

bombard commando c4 stringer

9. inflate the chambers to shape equally then to pressure equally, this will ensure you aren’t straining the baffles between the individual chambers.

bombard commando c4 inflation3bombard commando c4 inflation2bombard commando c4 inflation1bombard commando c4 inflationbombard commando c4 assembled10. hang your motor and go!

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