R.I.B.s On The Grill

We are grilling up some awesome R.I.B.s in the service dept. currently. Today’s blue plate special consists of the Zodiac Bayrunner 420. Flavored generously with extra seating and sound system it’s a mouth watering combination on a U.S. built fiberglass hull and Pro Zodiac Hypalon tubes. MMMMMMM GOOD! It’s a very seakeeping vessel able to perform well in the rivers, lakes, bays, and open water alike. Perfect for whale watching or a family picnic on that distant island you’ve always dreamed about.

zodiac bayrunner 420 2 zodiac bayrunner 420 3 zodiac bayrunner 420 4 zodiac bayrunner 420 5 zodiac bayrunner 420 6 zodiac bayrunner 420 7 zodiac bayrunner 420 8 zodiac bayrunner 420

The next best thing coming is the Bombard Air Ethic one of our favorite designs with the added plus that it’s eco friendly and a serious performer. The Bombard line is one of our favorite Zodiac offerings and is synonymous with quality and performance (take a look at the Commando models for example). Bombard took everything one step forward again with next level engineering and materials in the construction of the Limited Edition Air Ethic. Tear producing speed and handling with no regrets. Because of the combination of natural fibers and recycled materials making up part of the award winning hull design you can feel good about using it. Special welded replaceable tubes use no glue or solvents in their construction and are made at the same factory in France as the hull further minimizing the carbon footprint. Now if that doesn’t taste great I don’t know what does!

Bombard Air Ethic 500 2 Bombard Air Ethic 500 3 Bombard Air Ethic 500 4 Bombard Air Ethic 500 Bombard Air Ethic 500 seat Bombard Air Ethic 500 console Bombard Air Ethic 500 bow locker Bombard Air Ethic 500 12 gallon fuel tank Bombard Air Ethic 500 6 Bombard Air Ethic 500 5

We are very excited about all of the new R.I.B.s that are being cooked up in our secret test kitchen, (service dept.), and if you are in the market for a new boat you should be too. Call us and set up a special viewing of the flavor of choice and see why IBC continues to be your #1 inflatable boat source.

Stay tuned for updates and pics of new models.

The Big Float Portland 2014

Check out the 2014 Big Float pics held in downtown Portland Oregon.

IBC pilots Adam and Mike were on hand to transfer V.I.P.s, bands, and equipment, as well as provide water safety over-watch for the event. Portland Police, Sheriff, and Fire, along with the USCG were on hand to provide assistance to floaters as they made their way down the course. Navigating thru the many thousands of floaters was tight and required a steady hand and a stable boat which showcased some of the many strengths of the Bombard Commando and Zodiac Futura in use by the IBC Pilots. (thanks Adam and Mike!)

Enjoy the pics below captured at different parts of the day by the IBC Pilots as well as the Oregonian link and City Commissioner’s tweet.

Portland City Commissioner Amanda Fritz

Portland City Commissioner Amanda Fritz rides along with IBC and Will (Big Float Organizer) IBC Pilot: Adam Fry
Portland City Commissioner Amanda Fritz rides along with IBC and Will (Big Float Organizer) IBC Pilot: Adam Fry

Oregonian Big Float Link

Ethics Enviroment And Boat Manufacturing

When is the last time you heard of a boat builder designing around the environment and taking steps to limit pollutants into the atmosphere?

Answer, probably never.

Enter the Bombard Air Ethic 500 R.I.B.

Go anywhere do anything in a Bombard
Go anywhere do anything in a Bombard

Paying tribute to Dr. Bombard (French Physician, Adventurer and Environmentalist) the Bombard brand takes a step into the future with all new manufacturing practices and local sourcing of materials minimizing the impact on the environment. Giving a nod to Dr. Bombard’s epic journey 60 years ago in a prototype inflatable Bombard developed the “Air Ethic 500” in commemoration of his incredible triumph.

Dr. Bombard’s Atlantic Ocean crossing in an untested design with no food or water was the springboard for all current modern inflatable boats as well as leading to the development of lifeboats and survival at sea techniques. With such a great history it’s no wonder the Bombard brand is considered the leader in product development and cutting edge design.

IBC is proud to announce North America Exclusivity in this very limited Bombard model.

See what all the fuss is about in the IBC Showroom located in Portland Oregon or shop online from the comfort of your chair.

IBC To Be West Coast Exclusive Dealer For The Commando Series Of Inflatable Boats

IBC is happy to announce another IBC exclusive. The Zodiac/Bombard Commando, a thermo welded Duotex hull with a wooden keeled boat. Ron has won world championships in this boat and Mike runs this one exclusively.Get one today and see why boaters in the know Go Commando!

Suitable for everything in the water from crabbing to wakeboarding to rescue, salvage, etc. IBC has always sold these models at our store in Portland, usually to the more professional users, and to some recreational boaters in the know as well.

Come see them on our showroom floor:

Inflatable Boat Center

2041 SE Powell Blvd

Portland Or, 97202

503 235 2628

or buy online from our secure website www.inflatableboats.com

Bombard Commando C-4R Load Out
Bombard Commando C-4R Load Out for the 200 mile Columbia River to Astoria mission

Live, work, and play on the water in a Bombard Commando.

Zodiac MK1 Futura Fastroller Yachtline Edition or Unicorns Do Exist

Some days I love my job better than others and today is one of those. Today I got to see a unicorn and it was real. The mythical Zodiac MK1 Futura Fastroller Yachtline Edition.

“What’s that?” you say wondering if I made another one of my famous typos. ( I never professed to being an office puke) 😉 Well every once in awhile Zodiac makes some special flavors and this is simply one that has it all, kinda like Rocky Road ice cream.

Inter-communication Valves

Zodiac IC Valves
Zodiac IC Valves

Over Pressure Relief Valves with ability to quick inflate with HP Air System (not shown)

Zodiac OP Valve System
Zodiac OP Valve System

Speed Tubes

Zodiac Speed Tubes
Zodiac Speed Tubes

HP Airfloor

Zodiac HP Airfloor
Zodiac HP Airfloor

Basically the only thing this unicorn is missing is me!


Inflatable Boat Center Top Ten Zodiac Dealer in North America Again For 2013

IBC Is proud to be named top ten dealer in North America for 2013
IBC Is proud to be named top ten dealer in North America for 2013
Zodiac Top Ten Dealer North America
Zodiac Top Ten Dealer North America

Inflatable Boat Center was added to Zodiac’s Top Ten Dealers in North America again for 2013 (Full Zodiac Press Release Here) .

IBC is very proud of this honor and continues striving to be the World’s Best Zodiac Dealer in service, sales, and logistics for the recreational ,commercial, and military sectors.

Our highly experienced staff are out on the water almost every day in the rain, sleet, snow, or sun because we love what we do that much. When’s the last time you had a job you loved so much that you did it on your off time for fun?

Thanks for helping us achieve Zodiac’s Top Ten List again!


Portland To Astoria “Cape Disappointment” To Portland In An Inflatable Boat

IBC + Seadek + Zodiac Yachtline = Fantastic Tender Solutions

You may be asking where do I get one of those awesome Teak Kits for my Zodiac Yachtline 340DL (or 380, 420,etc.) like that one family had. Well if you want the kind to bare feet, easy to care for kit the answer is IBC of course.

IBC created CAD/CAM files and worked closely with SeaDek in creation of several kits for models of luxury tenders. The kits are another IBC World exclusive product that can be customized with custom colors and artwork if the teak look isn’t for you.

You went to the Inflatable Boat Center Website and ordered up your kit, “How do I put it on?” you ask yourself.

What you need before you begin;

glass cleaner with ammonia or action-tac

lint free rags for cleaning

razor blade or box cutter

tape measure or ruler

1. Unpack your kit and place it on the boat to match up the correct parts to their correct places. If you stick a kit panel down it’s stuck there’s no repositioning, so be right the first time.


Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05401 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05402 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05403 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05404 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05405 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05406 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05407 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install054082. Score thru the paper backing (careful don’t cut the panel just the paper) on the kit panel about halfway across and apply strips of tape to help hold it in place when you are ready to peel off the paper carrier sheet.Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install054093.Tape down section then bend the sheet to get the other peel half started. Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install054104.Peel off paper backing and smooth down with your hand taking care to evenly apply to prevent any air bubbles.Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install054115.Bend other half of panel and repeat step above.Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install054126.Press firmly all over panel to ensure good adhesion.

Repeat on remaining kit panels and enjoy!

Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05413 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05414 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05415 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05416 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05417 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05418 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05419 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05420 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05421 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05422 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05423 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05424 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05425 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05426 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05427 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05428 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05429 Zodiac YL340DDL Seadek Install05430