Avon / Zodiac Milpro UAB Ultimate Adventure Boats

The wonders never cease around IBC.

Many of you white water types would remember the Avon Professional White Water Rafts as the bullet proof work horse of the rafting guides and wilderness expeditions. Everyone from Hollywood film crews on location to Jim the hunting guide or even the lovable Capt. Ron (our own white water savant) will tell you these are the only rafts for any mission on a river.

The big problem was they weren’t available for purchase for quite some time let alone to the general public. This let a bunch of lesser boats into the market place to try to fill the void and left a lot of guides and enthusiasts lamenting the disappearance of the Avons. Most will blame the wars around the world as the Avon plant was shifted into Milpro products only, leaving a gap for the copy cats to fill.

Well good news! IBC has secured the Exclusive on the indefatigable boats of yore and has included a first for the industry with free shipping to the lower 48. There are limited quantities available to the public, military, police and fire rescue depts., guides, etc.

5 Year warranty

Click here and pick from 12′ all the way up to the “Super Pro” mammoth 16 person.

Here’s a couple of pics that will surely bring tears to your white water eyes. (note all boats wear the new Milpro logo)

avon zodiac scout white water raft 2 avon zodiac scout white water raft 3 avon zodiac scout white water raft 4 avon zodiac scout white water raft

The Scout shown above is the smallest model in the series.

The Adventurer (shown below) is the all around 14 footer.

avon zodiac adventure uab white water raft 2 avon zodiac adventure uab white water raft 3 avon zodiac adventure uab white water raft 4  avon zodiac adventure uab white water raft 6 avon zodiac adventure uab white water raft 7 avon zodiac adventure uab white water raft

If you need to go BIG there’s the Professional and Super Pro (Super Pro shown on bottom)

super pro white water raft 2
Avon / Zodiac Milpro Super Pro

super pro white water raft 4 super pro white water raft logo super pro white water raft

Order online or call (503)235-2628 and own the legend.

A Short List Of Sailboat Tenders

One of the most common questions we get on the phone is, “What would you use as a sailboat tender?”. To answer that we usually want to know specifics about the sailboat length, the average dinghy crew, typical use, and how will it be stowed and deployed. Adam and Mike (both sailors from Hawaii), put together a short list of some of their favorites. While some are better suited than others for a particular boat size ,type, and style there’s a little bit for just about any sailboat on the water.

To view the short list click on the sailboat tenders link on www.inflatableboats.com or click from this article.


Mysteries of dinghies and tenders solved!

Zodiac 250 Compact R.I.B.

The new 2015 Zodiac R.I.B. 250 Compacts are here!

Get em while they’re hot!

One of our favorite little R.I.B.s with a folding transom that makes the perfect dinghy or tender to your sail or power boat.

The Zodiac 250 compact will take up to an 8hp outboard making trips to the beach or ice machine a breeze.

zodiac 250 compact rib 2 zodiac 250 compact rib 3 zodiac 250 compact rib 4 zodiac 250 compact rib 5 zodiac 250 compact rib 6 zodiac 250 compact rib

Boats To The Left Of Me And Boats To The Right Oh My!

Adam and Mike are setting up new 2015 inflatable models in the IBC Showroom today.

Stop and shop for first dibs on the new and cool before the season price increases.

Inflatable Boat Center

2041 SE Powell Blvd.

Portland Oregon 97202


or get them online at www.inflatableboats.com

Come and see us, order online, or over the phone, help us get Mike off the new batch of Bombard Commandos!


Introducing The Cardinal CDRBO-300 Folding Transom R.I.B.

New for 2015 introducing the Cardinal CDRBO-300 rigid inflatable boat with folding transom.

Because it has a folding transom you’ll never wonder if a tender will fit on your yacht again.

The Cardinal CDRBO-300 is a new design based off of input from actual sailors and yachtsmen (and IBC of course) that meets the need of having a stowable seaworthy R.I.B.. The deep V hull will cut through the chop and slop with ease reducing operator fatigue and enhancing the fun experience.

Manufactured with Orca CSM/Hypalon fabric (a brand you can trust) this little R.I.B. will give you years of service and enjoyment. Let’s not forget about Cardinal Inflatable’s 6 year warranty on fabric and seams and now you are looking at another industry first. Compare the Cardinal CDRBO-300’s flat deck to other manufacturer’s deck systems and you see yet another first in the stowable R.I.B. market. Two aluminum bench seats instead of the usual single bench come as standard.

Length 9’8″

Inside Length 7′

Beam 5’4″

Inside Width 2’4″

Weight 136Lbs.

Load Capacity 1137 Lbs.

Crew Capacity 4

Maximum Hp 15Hp

Chambers 3

Valves Leafield

Supplies Limited don’t delay! Click To Shop Now!

carfinal cdrbo300 orca hypalon 14

carfinal cdrbo300 orca hypalon

carfinal cdrbo300 orca hypalon 2 carfinal cdrbo300 orca hypalon 3 carfinal cdrbo300 orca hypalon 4 carfinal cdrbo300 orca hypalon 5 carfinal cdrbo300 orca hypalon 6 carfinal cdrbo300 orca hypalon 7 carfinal cdrbo300 orca hypalon 8 carfinal cdrbo300 orca hypalon 9 carfinal cdrbo300 orca hypalon 10 carfinal cdrbo300 orca hypalon 11 carfinal cdrbo300 orca hypalon 12 carfinal cdrbo300 orca hypalon 13

Supplies Limited don’t delay! Click To Shop Now!