Zodiac MILPRO Sneak Peak SRA750 & More!

We just got back from Zodiac’s MILPRO Division Training and had a great time with some of the new and some of the old. To start things off we thought you’d like a sneak peak of Zodiac’s D Tube 750 design that has more space inside than anything in the First Responder or Commando range of boats.

Because of the “D Tubes” you no longer have the tubes’ radius intruding on deck space for gear or operations. Our resident operator Adam went out and had a good couple of days running tactical maneuvers and drills to put the new design thru it’s paces. Everyone loves what this boat will do including this writer.

See pics below:

Zodiac SRA 750 D Tube RHIB
Scooting along playing chase with the new Zodiac SRA 750. You will be caught!
Zodiac SRA 750 D Tube RHIB 4
Circling the prey, it was easy to catch the bad guys. Zodiac SRA 750 Alpha in the pack.
Zodiac SRA 750 D Tube RHIB 3
Zodiac’s SRA 750 equipped with Zodiac’s SMS Seat System (shock mitigating seat system)
Zodiac SRA 750 D Tube RHIB 2
Maybe we should stop….that Zodiac SRA 750 just came along side and it looks serious.
Zodiac SRA 750 D Tube RHIB 1
The Zodiac SRA 750 is designed from the water up to be the dominant force on any water system. Pre order yours from the pros at the Inflatable Boat Center (503)235-2628

The Zodiac SRMN 550 has long been a favorite of the Police and Enforcement Community and one of our favorites for going fast and making high speed high G low radius turns. Adam grabbed a couple of pics between the times he was spraying everyone on the water while piloting the Zodiac SRMN 550.


Zodiac SRMN 550 Console
The Zodiac SRMN 550 with a Grey Console and hull.
Zodiac SRMN 550
Zodiac SRMN 550
Zodiac SRMN 550 3
IBC will rig your Zodiac SRMN 550 with any combination of motor, seat, etc. to make your mission a successful one.

Zodiac SRMN 550 2 Zodiac SRMN 550 1

Last but not least we show the Zodiac SMRN 500 in orange. Chances are you’ve already come across this one in your travels as it’s used throughout the marine community for rescue, safety ,law enforcement, oil rigs, etc.

Mike likes this one for heart pounding performance with “jockey console/seat system” that let’s the operator run it like a supercross racer. Bumps and high G turns are nothing for this model that makes the operator feel they are “Jedi” and the force is strong with them.

Zodiac SRMN 500 RHIB
Zodiac SRMN 500 rigged your way by IBC. (blue lights for law enforcement agencies only)
Zodiac SRMN 500 RHIB 2
Zodiac Professional and Military models available at The Inflatable Boat Center Portland Oregon (503)235-2678


Take A Trip On An Inflatable Jet Boat

People ask me about jet pumps for their inflatable or their usability/feasibility almost daily. To make a long story short may inflatables can work with a jet pump no problem, in fact some work better the jet sleds out there because they float more weight and have less draft than aluminum sleds. Take a trip with Chris in his inflatable as he climbs up the Clackamas River to a more private beach that’s accessible only by floating with a tube or walking the river (it’s too shallow for other sleds/boat types).

Oh yeah I might as well answer the other question I get a lot too, “I have a big dog will his claws pop the boat?”. The short answer is “NO!”. Maura is about 165lbs of dog claws and is all about the boat ride. If your dog’s claws “popped” your boat chances are it was a pool toy not a Zodiac Inflatable Boat.

Zodiac FC470 As A Swift Water Rescue Platform

Yet another case study in the Zodiac FC470’s wide range of uses. As a rescue platform for waterborne rescue scenarios the Zodiac FC470 and ERB series are un-beatable. I found this video fun for two reasons, the intentional swamping of the boat, and the body of water they are training on. Yes we run rivers here, we go pretty hard and fast on some of the skinniest river systems in the NW for fisheries and guides not to mention for the thrill of the metal boat embarrassment race to the headwaters. Ron went big 30 years ago with his Commando on the Peyete River and set the pace for everyone else to follow.

We have more Police and Fire Departments utilizing the Zodiac FC470 and ERB models for their Swift/Fast Water Rescue Teams as well as Flood Response than all other models/types combined. The reasons this boat works so well is it’s shape, buoyancy, rigging, and downright amazing performance with virtually any outboard motor size.

Want to run with the Big Boyz? Get the right tool for the job! Get a Zodiac MILPRO FC470 and look at the water differently!

Zodiac FC 470 The Definitive Special Forces CRRC

Zodiac MILPRO shares what has become common place for the SF (Special Forces) community. Underwater cache, infil, ex-fil, you name it Zodiac has been there and done that for over 100 years so they know what works and what doesn’t at this point.

Whether you are DELTA Force or Joe Weekender the Zodiac FC470 will get the job done and bring you home again in a transportable easily deployable platform. We love the FC 470 and usually have more than a few in service at any given time somewhere in the World. Operators in the know insist on the best, so should you.


Wing’s New P4.2 CRRC (Combat Rubber Raiding/Recon Craft) First Look

First look at Wing’s New For 2015 P4.2 for Military and Professional Use. Incorporating Wing’s proven urethane material into a time tested length/shape for clandestine operations such as force insertion/extraction as well as search and rescue at the local level. Operators World Wide recognize the need for a 4.2 meter craft to handle the costal and inland waterways in a fast and safe way.

IBC is World's leader in inflatable boats sales and service.
IBC is World’s leader of inflatable boats sales and service.


Cardinal has done it again!

Brand New For 2015!

Cardinal has done it again with their heavy duty Aluminum Hulled CDARP 310. Cardinal Inflatables has taken input from boaters, yachtsmen and sailors alike to deliver an Aluminum Hulled RIB that has all the features you’d ever need in a boat built to stand up to the harshest conditions. Compare it’s hull to other makes and models on the market and you see why more professional users request the Cardinal CDARP 310 HD Aluminum RIB for their boating needs.

Taking some notes from the miltary and other pros using inflatable boats, Cardinal has added multiple D-Rings in critical areas for cargo handleing and tie downs.

Hoisting aboard is easy with The Cardinal Integrated Lifting System “C-LIFT” which features easy access lifting eyes in the right spots.

Metal hulled boats have always been the slipperiest boats out there and many boats require additional non-skid to combat this design flaw. Cardinal has looked at this issue from the very beginning by incorporating a High Aspect Profile Pattern Integration or “HAPPI” into the deck design making sure footing a certainty. Cardinal is the only company that has taken this approach for a standard item rather than premium add on option. “Don’t worry be HAPPI!”

Available in PVC or Hypalon

COLOR: White
BEAM: 5′
TUBES: 16″
VALVES: Leafield
WEIGHT: 143 lbs.
LOAD: 1,343 lbs.
HP: 15
Other: Two Aluminum Seats / Thirteen-316 Stainless Steel D-Rings / Bow Storage Locker / Ten Grasp Handles / Heavy Emergency Grasp Lines / Bow and Stern Carry Handles / Four-inch Full Surround Rub and Keel Strake / Stainless Steel Bow and and Stern Lifting Eyes / Fold-Down Locking Oar System with Two-Piece Breakdown Aluminun Oars and Oar Holders / Protective Transom Motor Clamp Plate / Foot Pump and Service Kit.