Zodiac Visit

A couple of weeks ago we had the West Coast  Zodiac rep Chris by for a visit so we went for a boat ride of course! We met up with Adam +1 on the Columbia River who was out for a weekend sail on his S&S Yankee 30 and did a business lunch at the Puffin Café in Washington.

puffin cafe meeting

Chris was a bit sore from playing Aussie Rules footie the day before so Mike took it easy on him with his Bombard C4R Commando, they still went faster than everyone else on the choppy river though.

Some of what Mike calls basic drills ( if you know Mike you would call them expert advanced) were performed and Chris took the tiller doing quite well despite his badly beaten body. He had no trouble going 35mph through the worst of the wind chop in the C4R Commando and at one point this writer looked over and saw him several feet in the air. Go Chris, Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi!

zodiac chris

After lunch Mike and Chris said goodbye to Adam’s sailing crew and went for some impromptu beaching ops.

adam says goodbye

zodiac beach ops

The weather was perfect and good times were had by all including the mind blown jet skiers and other boaters. At one point a jet skier that Chris and Mike blew by came alongside while Mike was on the phone to see just what we were piloting. When we told the befuddled jet skier that it wasn’t a r.i.b. he was blown away that a boat as small as 14 feet with a soft bottom  could do so much and go so fast all the while keeping it’s composure in the 3 foot chop. The Bombard name says  it all to those in the know.

customers bombard commando delivery

We sell a lot of the Bombard Commandos here at IBC and for good reason, they simply perform better and go thru the worst possible conditions all the while asking “can I have some more please”. To start your Commando adventure give the pros at IBC a call (503)235-2628 or just shop online for the best possible deal.

Zodiac Cadet 270 ALU

Mike finds a minute to assemble the new Zodiac Cadet 270 ALU out of the box and grab a few pics as well as do a short assembly video. The Zodiac Cadet 270 ALU features new aluminum floor boards instead of the old wood standby floor system. Many boaters will add on Seadek non-skid for added comfort and traction in all conditions. Mike uses a 12 volt auto inflator for assembly and recommends you do the same if a foot pump isn’t your idea of fun. To get your next inflatable boat stop by our online shop visit our store in Portland Oregon or give us a call (503)235-2628.

Zodiac Cadet 270 Aero Assembly

Mike shows us how easy it is to go boating with the Zodiac Cadet 270 Aero. Simply unroll and inflate. Mike is using the 12volt auto inflation pump available from IBC to inflate this airfloor model and recommends it to any inflatable boat owner.

IBC is your one stop shopping spot for anything inflatable boat related!

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New Bombard 310 Typhoon ALU

This just in IBC (The Inflatable Boat Center) has updated the classic Bombard Typhoon 310S to the new Bombard Typhoon 310 ALU

bombard typhoon 310 alufor sale beginning today! The classic Bombard Typhoon shape and performance with maintenance free aluminum floorboards. Wearing the same color palate as it’s bigger brothers Bombard Typhoon 420 ALU and Bombard Typhoon 470 ALU. supplies will run out fast on this model so don’t delay order yours today. The Bombard Typhoon 310 ALU goes together easy but performs like more expensive sport boat models.


NOAA and Zodiac MK2 Grand Raid

Today I brought in a boat for some tlc between NOAA deployments that I thought was worth mention. The Zodiac MK2 Grand Raid is one of the oldest and most recognizable models in the Zodiac MILPRO line up. We love them and use them for our missions as well as spec them out to research and rescue agencies like NOAA and various fire depts.

Mike was checking one in and got to talking about two things he loves; the arctic and pinnipeds (seals and seal lions). As it turned out the boat that needed a little lipstick and rouge was the NOAA Pacific Marine Mammal Labs’ for studies in the arctic.

We thought we’d share a little video of these boats and the brave people at NOAA Pacific Marine Mammal Labs’ daily grind. Think your job is tough or worried that you’ll bump into something and “POP” your Zodiac? These aren’t your low end copy cat brand X inflatables pouring out of China, these are the real deal Cousteau Adventure Military and Professional Zodiacs the legend is based on.



Mike Sets Up A Cardinal CDRBP 300 Folding RIB

This morning Mike sets up the Cardinal 300 CDRBP Folding RIB to show you just how easy it is to get a dinghy ready for your next adventure. From zero to hero in just seven minutes!

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IBC’s Mike sets up the Cardinal CDRBP 300 folding compact RIB. Now you can go from zero to HERO in 7 minutes! The Cardinal CDRBP 300 features a flat inside deck, deep vee hull, generous d-rings and Leafield valves, two aluminum seats, and lifting points as standard equipment. Compare to other boats in the class and see why the Cardinal stands alone.

Mike Sets Up A Zodiac MK3 Grand Raid

Mike puts a new out of the box Zodiac MK3 Grand Raid together to show just what’s involved. Things that make this easier, that we didn’t do, is to stretch the boat without floorboards on a brand new boat, as well as spray soapy water around the tube to floor fabric seam to let the new floorboards slide into place. A new out of the box boat will fight you for the first assembly so just have patience and if possible a helping hand.

The Zodiac MK3 Grand Raid is probably the most used boat in water rescue and for exploration missions. Tough Zodiac MILPRO NEO/CSM Hypalon lasts for decades making this boat an extreme value for any user. Heavy Duty Aluminum Floorboards with included Zodiac Floor Channel System allows for many accessories to be used expanding mission capabilities even greater.

Get your new Zodiac MK3 Grand Raid and get out on the water today.

Mike Sets Up A Bombard C3 Commando

Mike puts the Bombard C3 Commando together right out of the box to dispel the myth that this boat is hard to assemble. Actual assembly time is only 5 minutes with the remaining 7 of the 12 minutes in inflation. The inflation pump Mike is using is a 12 volt two stage pump available online at http://www.inflatableboats.com. There’s a reason most of us at the shop use a Bombard Commando for our go to inflatable boat and that is ease of assembly and ultimate performance in all conditions on all waters.
Every boat in the Bombard Commando line assembles in the same fashion.