Meet The IBC Pros At The Pacific NW Sportsman’s Show

 Starting Today!

IBC’s Pro Team will be on hand at the Pacific NW Sportsman’s Show to answer questions and take Special Boats Division orders. Some of the more awesome custom adventure boat builds will be put together on the floor for the professional guide, law enforcement, or the private adventurer looking for the edge.

Pacific NW Sportsman’s Show booth #1143 February 10th – 14th 2016

IBC’s Special Boats Division will have the boat package du jour featuring portability and performance for a limited time at a savings that will take even the most seasoned adventurer to new heights. Fish ,hunt ,recreate with a new IBC Sportsman’s Zodiac MK2C Classic HD built to the pro team’s demanding specs for outdoor activities anywhere on the globe.

If you can imagine it IBC’s Special Boats Division can likely build it and get it to where the roads end and the excitement begins. We look forward to this show all year because it’s the one show where people from all walks of life come from all 7 continents to talk about exciting and different missions they are working on. Spectators from Africa to Antarctica stop by to see what we can do for them, so if you are in the area or are planning a trip you’ll be in good company.

Boat Show Specials End Soon

Well another boat show has come and gone but not the savings. IBC is holding their boat show special pricing for a short period to allow those of you who live too far away to attend a chance on some great deals.

We have about 50 boats on display in our main showroom right now so stop in and check out the deals like IBC’s new Zodiac Pro Open 650 Neo Deluxe.

Shop online for even more boats at even more savings!

Fishing From An Inflatable Boat

It never ceases to amaze me on how many people ask me if you can fish from an inflatable boat. Frankly most of the people who ask me also have follow up questions like “How much does the boat weigh when it’s full of air and when it’s empty?”. So to answer the age old question can you fish from an inflatable boat my response is a “YES!”. Heck, you can fish from any boat if you have access to one.

Tim catches yet another fish at World famous fishery Buoy10 in his Zodiac Futura
Tim catches yet another fish at World famous fishery Buoy 10 in his Zodiac Futura

In the NW (I moved here from Hawaii) everyone has almost the exact same tin boat design but with different brand stickers on them, and they all seem to think that only tin catches fish. I fish on all types of boats; the aluminum sled, the fiberglass flavors, ferro-cement, sailboats, etc.,  but I prefer to fish on the inflatable when I get time to do so. No, I’ve never experienced a fish hook hole or a billfish puncture, and yes we fish for the monsters out of reach to the fleet of tin that clogs the Columbia River each year.

As for the whole salmon thing where most of these questions seem to come from, the reason you usually don’t see me is I’ve already caught my daily limit and came in before you got into your boat or hog line. I don’t like to sit out there all day in the cold doing the same thing and getting no results. To me that’s the definition of crazy. I go out, catch my fish, and then go home to spend the rest of the day with my girl doing better things.

Inflatable boats represent a tremendous advantage and significantly lower operating cost over other hull types and construction techniques, which translates to a much lower cost per pound of fish. Most of my friends who use inflatables to fish also have the big metal monsters sitting in their driveways, they obviously know something the sea lawyers don’t about fishing.

On a final note when your indestructible aluminum sled takes water over the bow or is stuck in a tidal bore or on the bar it’ll be an inflatable that comes out to rescue you. Just keep your hands off of my fish!


As commented on our Facebook page by long time inflatable boat fisherman Dan F you can also crab with an inflatable boat. So fishing, crabbing, and what else?


56th Annual Portland Boat Show January 13 – 17 2016

It’s that time again and this year IBC will be showing some real beauties at the 56th Annual Portland Boat Show January 13 – 17 2016.

Come see our extra special Zodiac Yachtline Series deluxe tenders complete with IBC exclusive custom Seadek Teak Kit flooring and electronics packages. Need something a little bigger? IBC will be showing the new Zodiac Pro Open 650 complete with T-Top, Sun Deck Lounge, and much more! IBC will also be showing a twist on the Bombard Commando series as well as the indefatigable Zodiac MK1 Classic. IBC custom Seadek systems are available for all models of RIB as well as the floor board models and sport boats. Ask about your traction deck needs and have a custom CAD cut system with your graphic, logo or boat’s name engraved into the color and style of your choice.

Need a fun boat without the extra weight? Try the Zodiac Bayrunner series also on display and at a price anyone can afford. Talk to one of our inflatable boat professionals about your next voyage, tender, or military and professional mission and get the best service at the best prices in the market.

portland boatshow 2016

See you there!