Zodiac MK2 Heritage Assembly For Beginners

When I heard that Captain Ron was able to get his hands on some Zodiac MK2 Heritage Classics my little heart went pitter pat. I was very sad when the 2 units we were able to get in North America sold, so hearing this news got me excited. I might be able to get one for my very own this time around! The most difficult thing about the whole assembly process was unwrapping all the packaging.

As a first step I inflated the hull without the floorboards to airtest and put the boat into shape. The hulls are sucked down for packaging and as such they are hard to deal with until you let in some air. I learned and relearned this many times so do yourself a favor and do the same on any new sport or military boat. “The first one is the worst one.”, as the saying goes.

Airing up the hull to pressure and letting it sit overnight the first time out will save you headaches later on.
While the hull is under airtest I inventory the boxes.

Checking out the floors and the rest is a treat unto it’s self with the Zodiac MK2 Heritage it’s all design and engineering.

Zodiac’s MK2 Heritage is simply beautiful to look at from any angle or part
Zodiac’s smart use of stringers for a rigging tube mean install is clean, neat and beautiful

After all the parts are accounted for and we’re ready to assemble we let the air out of the hull and fit the floorboards.

I always start with the bow boards then the transom board then the rest

Once all the floorboards for the Zodiac MK2 Heritage are in place we make the tent then press them down to fit the stringers thereby locking them into place.

Making the tent or tepee then pressing them flat to lock the stringers
Note port side stringer contains fuel line and electrical hook ups to outboard

Once the floorboards are locked into place with the stringers it’s time to re-inflate the boat to begin adding all of the Zodiac exclusive MK2 Heritage parts.

Zodiac’s MK2 Heritage dash utilizes their proprietary bolt pads port, starboard and again on the bow for the batten.
A simple phillips screwdriver was all that was needed to place the dash assembly onto the boat.

I was a bit worried that I’d be spending hours figuring out the wiring for the stereo and engine but as it turns out I was worried for nothing. The Zodiac Mk2 Heritage came setup already. All I have to do is provide the tach for the engine I’m going to use and attach the leads that the Zodiac MK2 Heritage had in the kit.

All the components were pre installed into the dash making it easy as pie.

The steering wheel and steering hub were pre-selected by the designers in France and Italy to make it even easier on the eyes. Adding the helm kit to the pre-installed bracket was three simple allen screws and a nut for the steering wheel shaft. So far all I’ve needed was an allen wrench, phillips screwdriver, and a socket wrench. It doesn’t get much easier than this! Assembling some flat pack furniture is much tougher and no where near as nice as the Zodiac MK2 Heritage.

Three allen screws and you’re done
Time to add the steering wheel
Steering wheel in place awaiting the Zodiac logo wheel cap
Looking good!

Since the boat was meant to be on the showroom without an engine for the time being I simply put in the battery box and fuel tank in the pre-installed locations until such time as we decide to hang a motor on the Zodiac MK2 Heritage.

Fuel and battery locations are pre-installed and merely strap into place

Time for some fold down seating! The classic back to back seating allows for fun towing a skier or wakeboarder, tube or other. If you want to cruise in style the Zodiac Mk2 Heritage seats allow for comfort on the move and relaxation at rest. The seats even slide down flat to allow for rest and relaxation or catching some rays.

Wow! What a sexy beast!
Rear facing seats for towing or just cruising with another couple.
The Zodiac MK2 Heritage is simply stunning to look at and still has jaw dropping performance when you need it.

Now all I need to do is sell my current boat so I can put one of these in my garage for fun on the water. The Zodiac MK2 Heritage is a boat for inflatable boat enthusiasts or someone who wants a lot of awesome that will fit into anyone’s budget and garage. IBC is lucky that Captain Ron had his ears open for when these became available, we took them all!

To get your very own Zodiac MK2 Heritage shop our online store www.inflatableboats.com or stop by our showroom in Portland Oregon. Don’t wait too long or you will literally miss the boat.

Zodiac Yachtline 490DL Under A Sky So Blue

When asked for something cool it’s not hard to find something in the Zodiac catalog to meet the request. One such boat is the Zodiac Yachtline 490 rigged by IBC with a Yamaha F90.

The customer wanted something a little bigger than their Avon 360 DL with a custom cover, bimini top and some added umph in the stereo department.

Message received loud and clear!

IBC had Zodiac outfit a 4 speaker Bluetooth stereo before the sent it out and the rest fell to us to meet the expectations of the customer.

See below for the pics of this lovely boat nicely appointed. A package like this will set you back about $50K all said and done and will take months to build and deliver so plan accordingly.

To get your very own bespoke Zodiac Yachtline 490DL give us a call (503)235-2628 and lets have some fun under a sky so blue.