IBC Corona Virus Update 08/10/21

Portland’s new mask mandate begins Friday 08/13/21 which means in order to visit IBC you must be wearing a mask regardless of your immunization status. Please leave small children and elderly at home when visiting, no large groups will be allowed into the showroom and capacity of the showroom will be capped to no more than 6 individuals at any one time.

MILPRO and REC manufacturing/shipping are impacted/delayed due to the Corona Virus so please plan ahead to avoid a shortfall of services or products. Many of our online items show out of stock, this is due to the severe bottleneck of shipping and to a lesser degree manufacturing. ALL manufacturers are experiencing increased demand for products with shipping adding an additional 6 months to a year on special order items such as tubes.

We are getting calls from across the globe from customers looking for outboards, boats, and trailers with increasing numbers looking to IBC to fill the holes in their local supply chains. It’s unsustainable for IBC to correct all of the global manufacturer issues but we’ll do our best with what we can get. These are difficult times that can test your patience and resolve especially with more mask mandates and closures happening throughout key regions where shipping and manufacturing occur.

Most of our day to day is spent answering the phones trying to explain the shortfalls of the various industries that are very much out of our control. Remember the whole World is going thru this in just about every facet of the production pipeline, it’s not just Zodiac or Yamaha or insert various brands here . Boats, motors, shipping, and parts have all seen substantial increases in cost over the last year with demand far outstripping current supply. If you have placed a special order it will be fulfilled, albeit a bit slower than usual and this shouldn’t be coming as a surprise to anyone at this point in our COVID Climate.

All we can do is be well and keep up a positive attitude while we patiently wait for new shipments of goods to arrive.


Inflatable Boats For Adventure

The morning frost covered all it surveyed as the first rays of sunshine reached out from the horizon to take their place in the sky. The mission today was one of adventure and to accomplish that mission I had 3 boats in the quiver to choose from.

The Zodiac Milpro MK3 Grand Raid

The Bombard C4 Commando

The Zodiac MK2 Heritage

The MK3 Grand Raid was a nice pick but a bit bigger than I wanted and it was on a trailer with a 60hp hanging off the back. This mission required me to have a roll up, the hitch was being used for the off road trailer already.

The Bombard Commando C4 would have been perfect but it too was rigged and on a trailer with a big 40hp hanging on it. Rigging that boat by myself would have been too difficult and I only had a few days of boating to contend with.

I was feeling defeated as the warming glow started to eat the countryside. It was at the very moment of despair I remembered I had the Zodiac MK2 Heritage in a corner of the shop. Success!

I originally bought the Zodiac MK2 Heritage to have a nicer looking deluxe boat for running about with my partner and pulling some tubes or a skier once in awhile. While the boat had the dash and seats etc. without them it was about perfect for a tiller handle mission.

Me grabbing a long shaft Yamaha F25 off the rack meant I was portable again and was able to use my existing launch wheels from the Commando. (bonus points) I was still going to use my little MK2 Heritage as a date boat with seats, stereo, and a steering wheel but today I was going to test it’s mettle.

“Why hadn’t someone thought of this setup before?” I wondered as I loaded the boat and motor into the off road camping trailer. You literally get the best of both worlds and for less money too.

Bouncing along the trail to the “secret spot” gave me some time to consider my choice and purchase. It was right about noon when I came upon one of my mates stuck in the mud with a tin boat in tow. After some judicious use of muscle and mechanics we were both on our way again to meet the third member of the party. He didn’t bring his boat because it was too big to maneuver thru the lodge pole pine, nor did he bring his trailer. He was going to be lonely, cold and beach bound in his tent as the other boat was really only good for one.

After we claimed our spots and a fire was built to make the day’s meal we set about getting our individual camp sites going. This is the point of the trip where you realize you forgot something. Much to our surprise we learned some new swear words as it was discovered our buddy forgot his tent. He was boat less and tent less and hopping mad to boot. Whiskey was poured and as my mates carried on a conversation of the morning activities and if there was room in the tent for two. I set about building my boat as they chattered like children.

I was kicking air in to the MK2 Heritage as the Sun drew down to a luminous red glow in the trees. Night falls quickly in this area between peaks and so does the temperature. Ten minutes later I joined my mates and informed the more homeless of the two I had room in my trailer for him. Cheers were had all around and stories of legend were told until the wee hours.

Upon sunrise I was greeted to a hot breakfast, coffee, and some scrutiny of my boat. Pushing off the water’s edge my mate commented on how stable the little MK2 heritage was, he is not a small man so this fact was not lost on him. The little Yamaha F25 was barely audible with only the sound of water coming out of the motor at idle. The hunt was on! I couldn’t just leave him to die on the jon boat so it was grudgingly decided that he come with me. Hunting and fishing was always a solo thing for me but he’s a good sort and handy on a boat so it worked out.

Suffice it to say we were all very successful in our outings with the last day being one of the Zodiac and the Zodiac only. It’s incredible stability proved a boon to all parties and our aged bodies plus the jon boat kept getting stuck in the shallows. It was immensely gratifying to see our pal in the mud and water trying to unstick his boat as we silently cruised by with the Yamaha whispering. He would just glare and mouth words not fit to print here.

It took only a few minutes for me to strike camp, the trip was over and it was time to leave unless I didn’t want a job anymore. I almost felt guilty as I left to see those two old coots struggling with that little jon boat and trailer in my mirror. Next year will be different, next year I’ll be bringing the Mrs. and Zodiac MK2 Heritage for round two and likely so will my friends. I only hope they are smart as I was lucky when they decide on which boat and motor combo to get.

Putting game and fish into the Zodiac MK2 Heritage was so easy it felt like an unfair advantage compared to my friend’s boat. Had I known the Zodiac MK2 Heritage crossed the boundary between hardcore and upper crust luxury earlier I might have a few less boats in the barn. Thanks again IBC for making the most of my time off, the stories will live forever as legend thanks to the Zodiac MK2 Heritage.

Zodiac Pro 5.5

Pulling the trigger on a new boat can be daunting with so many options online these days. Getting a good boat is even more difficult because of the online presence of so many bad brands that look good from far, but are far from good. Why should you buy a Zodiac when this other model is half as much money and even comes with a free tooth brush?

All kidding aside boaters getting duped into a lesser product that promises the moon and the stars with free bling and swag separates the wheat from the chafe. Features that you may overlook because of that price tag often leave a poorly informed customer with a bad taste in their mouth. When doing research the end user should be looking at more than the cheapest price. Research these days is just that, patting yourself on the back because you saved five bucks leads to issues and landfill in today’s buy it now economy.

Workmanship and trade craft have left the building and been replaced by free shipping and lower prices for a similar product. Thank heaven there are still some scruples and skill when it comes to quality over quantity manufacturers like Zodiac and it’s new Pro 5.5.

Options like a professional grade hull and professional replaceable tubes are a hallmark to the series. Yamaha Four Stroke engines don’t come cheap but are synonymous with dependability and performance. Molded in features like a bow locker in a professional grade top deck and below deck fuel tank free up space for additional creature comforts like a hi precision T-Top and after folding bench.

When you own a quality boat why put a sub par trailer under your investment? Often times unscrupulous dealers will install a cheap trailer under their version of boat just to keep that normal internet researcher interested with unbelievable low pricing. That’s just bad form and leads to problems later when you travel at speed. More than once we’ve lost a sale to another brand or dealer only to have the customer come back to us to fix their boat because it was setup wrong and on the wrong trailer. Long story short the boat whips back and forth on the freeway due to improper loading of the tongue, and the tow vehicle, boat, trailer and customer end up in the ditch upside down.

Getting a good trailer like a proper EZ Loader Trailer will help keep you and your investment safe. This boat and trailer package are made to work together in perfect harmony which is in the end the primary goal.

If you want to see the new Zodiac Pro 5.5 in person, or another boat give us a call before pulling that boat trigger and see what a difference it can make to your overall happiness.