Navigating COVID Supply Issues

Everyone has been affected by COVID in one way or another. The other night on the news reporters were unable to find basic appliances, lumber, nails etc. The same supply chain woes have affected boat manufacturing and outboard motor supply as well. To make matters worse many manufactures have dropped products from their line cards.

Yesterday I was told of a few boats that weren’t going to be in the catalog next year, rumors have been circulating for awhile on this. Early in the day we were told the Zodiac Futura and Classic models were being discontinued and the tried and true Commando line was going to be dropped. This news rang bells in my mind and I put into motion a plan to get what was still available in the Commando line as they are about as good an inflatable boat as a person can buy.

We also stepped up our Zodiac Military and Professional (MILPRO) boats to shore up our numbers moving into the dark and quiet months as increasing interest in the pro stock has made some hard to come by.

We plan for interruptions to supply chains when we book our orders and so far here at IBC we’ve managed to serve our customers very well in the recreational line as well as the MILPRO line. Definitely being staffed with some crusty veterans has helped us with much of the MILPRO base. We speak the lingo and know the missions conducted so generally it’s pretty easy as long as the supply chain remains intact. Getting hit with the Commando news made the day tense until we got a call that put us at ease.

The beloved Commando Series will continue to be produced but the Classic and Futura lines won’t. We still laid in some stock of the Classic models and have some more coming as we hate to see that disappear go but “c’est la vie” as the saying goes.

Zodiac Bombard Commandos will be in very short supply until sometime next year but we have some coming, and some left in stock. The good news out of all of this is despite the uncertainty of the COVID World we live in Zodiac will continue to provide the best of the bunch to people wanting something other than a cheap knockoff no name brand.

The outboard motor supply chain is still severely backlogged but as luck would have we have some of the popular models in stock. How long that stock will last is a question we can’t answer since even the manufacturers don’t know.

IBC has been there every step of the way, every major disaster, the whole way through the COVID crisis supplying the pros with the tools they needed to save lives. To shore up Police, Fire and Pro customers in the future we took on another person from the Emergency Services sector who speaks the lingo for those who work on the water.

IBC is available by phone Tuesday-Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday 9am-3pm. Give us a call to preorder your next boat or to get one of several models in stock today. (503)235-2628