Zodiac Hurricane 753 Retube

363 miles of coastline in Oregon
200 nautical miles offshore until international waters begin
72600 sq nautical miles to regulate, enforce, and patrol
7 OSP officers available (10,371 square nautical miles each)

Considering the enormous amount of water this vessel must operate in during all weather and sea states it’s no wonder why Zodiac Hurricane remains the choice of true maritime professionals. Oregon’s State Police have earned our deep respect completing their mission in Oregon’s big water understaffed and underfunded for so long.

IBC was asked to do a Hurricane 753 retube job during the COVID pandemic when supplies and labor were at their worst worldwide. A plan was adopted at IBC then a bid was submitted for competition. Upon bid winning and approval we began work with the manufacturer to get things done, masks, lockdowns, and social distancing were the norm for day-to-day operations.

Once we received the new tubeset we began the inspection and air test procedures before scheduling the actual re-tube work. I must say working with consummate professionals every step of the way from Zodiac MILPRO to the officers operating the vessel made the otherwise difficult nature of the job as easy as 3.14159265359 .

The old tubeset had seen 19 years of continuous harsh use service. Often, we end up retubing boats with secondary market tubes that were fitted to a Zodiac Hurricane hull. Cost was the driving factor in those decisions but ultimately, they came back to IBC to get the real tubes after the premature failures of those “cheaper tubes”. The cost of failure by going cheap is manyfold. Not only do you have to spend money again on a proper set of tubes you also have to do the install and lose time to do it right the second time. Twice the down time and twice the cost is the cost of going off brand for a Zodiac Hurricane.

A tubeset replacement on a Zodiac MILPRO Hurricane 753 is more involved than a recreational model with many steps and parts to consider. In the end we were able to accomplish this job on time and on budget despite what the COVID Pandemic threw at us.

While all this COVID was happening IBC setup and delivered several MILPRO boats with uses ranging from marine biology, dredging, UXO/EOD, rescue, LEO, and Spec Ops, as well as the recreational market no less. We never missed a step and worked thru it all masks on like cowboy bandits in a western. IBC earns its top tier status everyday serving the most demanding customers in the most demanding conditions of service. What can we do for your next mission? Give us a call and find out.

IBC would like to thank Capt. Ron, Miss Mel, Zodiac MILPRO, Zodiac Hurricane, Mechanic Chris, Mike’s “deep-sea moustache“, the State of Oregon, and many others for getting the job done during COVID. Special thanks to the OSP always on mission and keeping us safe while protecting Oregon’s natural resources 24/7. Hooyah!