Letter From A Typhoon Customer

Below is a email I recieved from a Bombard Typhoon 360S customer.
I thought I’d share it with the readers here.
“Greetings Mike,
My trip to Prineville was awesome.  That little boat worked like a champ.  My set up time is about 20 minutes.  I am almost able to put it back in the blue bag…..almost as good as you…..almost. 
The Crook County marine patrol took a real interest and they liked the way I had it outfitted with the safety equipment.  I took 2 of these guys for a short ride and they were grinning ear to ear.  They issued me a law enforcement inspection sticker……how about that? 
Anyway, I was at Chinook landing the other day with a friend who knows the Columbia and we leaped over the waves.  That boat is so stable, it took the barge rollers with ease.
Steve C.(Bombard 360)