Zodiac Fish N Hunt

Remember when Zodiac offered the Fish N Hunt series of inflatable boats in America?

Chances are if you are a fisherman or hunter worth your salt you do.

Many an elk have had the chance to ride in one of these beauties and become the big trophy on the wall. Well rumors are circulating around that IBC may become the sole vendor for the Zodiac Fish N Hunt in the 11’10” and 10’2″ sizes, much to this hunter’s eager anticipation. Lightweight unsinkable duck machines with the capability of a lay down or upright blind scenario mean meat on the table to this outdoorsman. Oh the kokanee I have boated with this boat are the stuff of legends in my circle of red neck friends.

If you think you might be worthy of owning one of these green machines give IBC a call (503)235-2628 and see if you can get on the list to own one. They always always always sell out and leave many a hunter ,fisherman, or RVer left wondering how they are going to get one.

Finally a green boat for people who live the outdoor lifestyle at a price that will leave your peers green with envy!

www.inflatableboats.com to preorder yours online starting soon.

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