Winter Boating Made Easy

This time of year things slow down for the typical boater or stop altogether. Myself and all my friends look forwad to this each and every year. Practically no one on the water means we have the whole river,lake and ocean to ourselves. What makes this possible is the environmental float suit first made popular by the military. Taking a page from their book the yachtsman or inflatable boat operator can effectively extend the boating season to a year round activity. Fishing, hunting,crabbing, camping or just playing around are activities that open up completely in the winter months. Unrestrictive vistas and aventures await you this winter season and all it takes is a suit. IBC can get you the right suit for any activity but for most it will be the Mustang or 1st Watch Environmental Float Suit that meets the need.

When it’s 17 degrees outside and you want to run the river for brunch at The Riverplace Hotel go ahead and enjoy it but keep our seats open because we’re coming for lunch at the bar!1st watch environmental floatsuit 1st watch riverplace hotel 1st watch suit winter brunch riverplace hotel
To get your own Environmental Float Suit contact IBC at (503)235-2628 or order online and enjoy the boating lifestyle year round.

You’ll be glad you did.