Downrigger Mounts For Inflatable Boats

I get asked this question alot, “How do you mount a downrigger to a Zodiac?”. The answer is actually pretty easy as it turns out, use a Scotty Glue on Pad or a Weaver Ultra Mount setup. Scotty has done alot of work making their system compatible with just about everything that floats and all of the products fit with the same base. (see below for example of this)

rod holder installed scotty fish finder installed rod holder installed inboard

The Weaver System uses a similar glue on setup but uses “Bolt Pads” with a common thread size making attachments as easy as lefty loosey – righty tighty. By using the Weaver Bolt Pads you can customize just about anything you can imagine onto your Zodiac or other brand of inflatable boat.(see below for examples)

ultra mount 2 ultra mount 4 ultra mount

Get the Scotty System or the Weaver System by going to our website or by calling (503)235-2628 and speaking to our friendly sales staff.