Fishing With My Friends

I said it once I’ll say it again just for all of my friends and people who ask me, the Zodiac /Bombard Fish N Hunt is the perfect all around boat at an unbelievable price.

Forget the Sea Hawks or the Neptunes or what ever they are called, if you are looking for a budget boat that gets the job done look no further. The Zodiac Fish N Hunt is the real deal and at the price IBC is offering them is less than half of retail. You might as well get a boat with over 150 years under it’s belt over some fly by night operation’s “deal too good to be true”.

Don’t belive me? Just ask my bar-b-que! My smoker is always cooking up the day’s catch and it’s always full.

Get your Fish N Hunt before they are all gone. for an 11’10” version

or for a 10″2″ model.