Assembly Of The Cardinal CDDG230 “Doughnut Boat” Dinghy

This one is pretty straight forward as a proper dinghy should be. Introducing the doughnut boat or DG230 dinghy. It’s as simple as it comes. Simply unroll and inflate. Presto! You’ve just completed the assembly process! Add the oars and woosh you’re off. Don’t want to row or paddle? No problem Cardinal has you covered with a removable outboard motor transom that simply fits over some d-rings and is tied on with a simple piece of line. That’s right no tools! Don’t take my word for it have a look at the un-boxing and assembly of the Cardinal CDDG230 for yourself.

See the pics below for maximum effect 😉


Un-boxing the Maxxon DG230
Un-boxing the Cardinal CDDG230


Unroll and assemble/inflate
Unroll and assemble/inflate

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The Cardinal CDDG230 Dinghy, a smooth operator in a sea of lesser boats. Get one at or call (503)235-2628 to order over the phone.