R.I.B.s On The Grill

We are grilling up some awesome R.I.B.s in the service dept. currently. Today’s blue plate special consists of the Zodiac Bayrunner 420. Flavored generously with extra seating and sound system it’s a mouth watering combination on a U.S. built fiberglass hull and Pro Zodiac Hypalon tubes. MMMMMMM GOOD! It’s a very seakeeping vessel able to perform well in the rivers, lakes, bays, and open water alike. Perfect for whale watching or a family picnic on that distant island you’ve always dreamed about.

zodiac bayrunner 420 2 zodiac bayrunner 420 3 zodiac bayrunner 420 4 zodiac bayrunner 420 5 zodiac bayrunner 420 6 zodiac bayrunner 420 7 zodiac bayrunner 420 8 zodiac bayrunner 420

The next best thing coming is the Bombard Air Ethic one of our favorite designs with the added plus that it’s eco friendly and a serious performer. The Bombard line is one of our favorite Zodiac offerings and is synonymous with quality and performance (take a look at the Commando models for example). Bombard took everything one step forward again with next level engineering and materials in the construction of the Limited Edition Air Ethic. Tear producing speed and handling with no regrets. Because of the combination of natural fibers and recycled materials making up part of the award winning hull design you can feel good about using it. Special welded replaceable tubes use no glue or solvents in their construction and are made at the same factory in France as the hull further minimizing the carbon footprint. Now if that doesn’t taste great I don’t know what does!

Bombard Air Ethic 500 2 Bombard Air Ethic 500 3 Bombard Air Ethic 500 4 Bombard Air Ethic 500 Bombard Air Ethic 500 seat Bombard Air Ethic 500 console Bombard Air Ethic 500 bow locker Bombard Air Ethic 500 12 gallon fuel tank Bombard Air Ethic 500 6 Bombard Air Ethic 500 5

We are very excited about all of the new R.I.B.s that are being cooked up in our secret test kitchen, (service dept.), and if you are in the market for a new boat you should be too. Call us and set up a special viewing of the flavor of choice and see why IBC continues to be your #1 inflatable boat source.

Stay tuned for updates and pics of new models.