Shooting From A Moving Boat

While you may think I’m talking about “SpecOps” I’m actually talking about video and stills. Sure the special forces use inflatable boats in the execution of their missions and for good reason. The inflatable boat as a platform for shooting could be one of the most perfectly suited vessels on the water due to it’s inherent buoyancy and stability. G.I.s who’ve been deployed know this and use it to their advantage in the civilian world providing support for film, t.v. and commercial crews world wide. IBC’s operators have performed these exercises many times and in fact Adam is doing it right now as I type this for the IFC series “Portlandia“.

People always are amazed at the quality of the media we pull from the water and full time pros like the Frog Squad in Africa. What we know is the inflatable boat is “THEE” boat to use on location because it will take you where others fear to draft and carry substantially more film gear and crew. Those cameras and batteries add up quickly to several tons, now imagine getting all that gear on a remote beach surrounded by shallow water and navigation hazards.

Our own operators Mike and Adam take pages out of the Rescue & Salvage Book while accomplishing support for events like The Portland Rose Festival, The Big Float, et al., you should too. Mike regularly takes photographers and videographers out on a Bombard C-4 Commando to maneuver around rocks and hazards in a dynamic environment while keeping the cameras rolling and on target. Adam uses the Zodiac Futura for level turning at speed and easy beaching. Both Adam and Mike have extensive Hawaiian experience running the biggest surf on the planet over shallow reefs with exposed coral so they know what the deal is to be sure.

Mike & Adam have many craft at their disposal for mission support. Boats in the 14′ – 16″ range seem to be their numero uno go to size with a short list including the Zodiac MK2 Classic HD, The Zodiac MK2 Futura, and the Bombard Commando C-4. These craft all carry more than a ton and or up to 7 people plus are easy to get on and off the beach by yourself.

The portability of the inflatable boat makes location shooting easy since the boats can be rolled up and loaded into small bush planes or helicopters and dropped from low altitude, something the bush pilots in the artic do everyday. We have answers if you have questions call us at (503)235-2628 and see why an inflatable boat might be right for you. Want to hire IBC to support your mission? Call us with the details and we’ll see if we can help.

Remember if it swells ride it!