Some Kids Have All The Cool Toys

Some kids have all the cools toys in their toy box, luckily IBC is there to keep them in service. Another interesting boat with inboard jet drive and Wing tubeset comes in to get the once over here at IBC. Yes we get to play with these toys too. Jealous yet? Adam and Mike receive one of the first marine dept. boats of the year for some seasonal maintenance. (image below)

Police Patrol Boat
Police Patrol Boat

It’s fun to see the guys get excited over doing repairs where other crews would throw their hands up or throw in the towel.

IBC is uniquely equipped to make repairs on Police , Fire, Military and Commercial R.I.B.s. Our crew has the time on the pond running extreme inflatables so when a tough problem comes up they know exactly what to do.

Work that keeps you on patrol and saving souls is what the IBC crew live for. When the dept. head is blowing steam out of his or her ears rest easy knowing IBC will have your six and get you back on mission.