Going Commando On Salmon

No matter how many times I get asked about fishing from inflatable boats, I  never get tired of hearing the variable questions from people wondering if it’s possible.

If you live or fish from around where I operate I say no of course, because I don’t want to share my secret spots. The real answer is yes, yes you can, and yes you can catch a lot of fish too! Adam and I get into spots others fear to float and reap huge rewards for it. Sure you can fish all the spots the tin boats do, you’ll likely get some looks from folks thinking they are the business. I just wave and smile because I know when those boats go down it’ll be me or another inflatable boat that’s comes and rescues them.

Seaworthy just doesn’t describe the inflatable boat, why else are lifeboats manufactured using the same technology?

Back to the fishing topic, downriggers, rod holders, shrimp and crab trap pullers,etc. can all be readily mounted to an inflatable boat making the gear heads happy in their endeavor. When you’re done it all can roll up and fit into your car or truck along with your catch and fish stories. Many of the serious fishing fanatics keep their boats on trailers and hop from spot to spot making use of local knowledge and lore to haul out monster fish. This can be you too, all you need is the will to fish and an inflatable boat to do it in.

Here’s a couple of pics from My fishing trip last Sunday.

Mike wouldn't let us use any pics that showed his secret spot but he did share the catch pics.
Mike wouldn’t let us use any pics that showed his secret spot but he did share the catch pics.
Location = somewhere in the NW.
Location = somewhere in the NW.

I’ll never tell where I fish except to the state when I tag my limit on my tag. Go out and explore your world there are secrets out there waiting to be discovered.

My boat of choice is my old reliable Bombard C-4R get one today and start your own adventure.