I want a boat that will pack down into a plane but still carry over a ton of cargo.

In the course of a day I’ll get about 10-15 calls from people who want a boat that packs down into bag, will take a 60hp to go lightning fast, and will carry 7-9 people. Sounds impossible right? WRONG! The Bombard Commando C-5 is the easy answer for me and most of the rest of the guys here at the store. We all run Commandos of one size or another and make no excuses either. This boat really does it all and then some more you didn’t think of. All of our expeditions have at least one Bombard Commando on them for the heavy lifting.

The Bombard Commando line features heavy duty aluminum floorboards that lock together with heavy duty stringers over a wooden keel matching extreme toughness with extreme performance. My fishery and marine biologist friends utilize this boat over all others for these reasons and more (like our jet strake mods), so what do they know that you don’t? This boat does it plain and simple, it doesn’t come in the latest shade of arctic white or grey, it doesn’t come with a free bow bag, it’s a boat and that’s what you get. Another thing you will get is satisfaction and the thrill of running a boat that will handle what you can’t.

My friend Janvier (fish biologist) sent me these pics from one of his missions in the Northern Territories this last month. He takes his 30 year old Bombard Commando on some of the most remote water ways on the planet and up some of the skinniest streams you can imagine to do his job. The lesson here is bring the right tool for the job and if your job involves the water it likely needs what the Bombard Commando series brings to bear.

Enjoy the images from the latest mission.

bombard commando c5 skeenia fisheries 2

bombard commando c5 skeenia fisheries