Bombard Family Fun

My friend Greg sent me a couple of pics of his growing family out having some fun in his Bombard Typhoon 420. Since we are running our Bombard Anniversary Sale I thought why not post these up for others to see.

ruttan familyblog

Of course you can take kids out in the boat and what better way to get a beginning mariner started than with an inflatable boat. I had to join the Navy myself for such adventures, but this makes more sense for most people. Not everyone wants to be a crusty salvor with more time at sea than on land for their youth like me.

ruttan family 2blog

The Bombard line is synonymous with safety, we owe everything we know about marine safety to Dr. Bombard and his work. My boat of choice is a Bombard Commando C-4 and I use it to my potential, but not the boat’s. Stop by the website and take advantage of our tribute to Dr. Bombard for your next dinghy or adventure boat and see what all the fuss is about for yourself.