125th STS get’s a new tool from the special projects division

125th sts
Yes he really looks like that!

I got to catch up with one of my old Navy friends when he picked up one of the 125th STS special projects boats we modded for a mission. We custom manufactured a removable steering console and bolster system along with a tiller to remote conversion. All parts can be assembled under the water or packed down into aircraft for dropping behind enemy lines. I’d love to show you how that was all done but then it wouldn’t be so special and as one of my mentors told me years ago, “Never give away secrets to combat.”. What I can show you is an overall pic of the Zodiac FC530 and “Hutch” the guy in it to win it. We love the new and exciting as well as the mission specific here and speak the language pretty well. So if your unit is in need or if you just want a custom recreational boat we have you covered from all angles. See what IBC’s several lifetimes on the water can do for you and what tools we can bring into the battle space.


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