Thursten County Dive Rescue Gets Ready For Another Year

Thurston County Sheriff Department’s Dive Rescue brought in one of their Zodiac FC470 Dive Rescue Boats for a little repair work in between their grueling rescue schedule and patrol duties. IBC quickly turned around the repair and got the sheriff’s department back out on the water in double time fashion

Thursten County Sheriff Dive Rescue Team scores excellent service at IBC
Thurston County Sheriff Dive Rescue Team scores excellent service at IBC

This time of year when fire and police rescue teams are looking forward to their next rotation, boat upkeep should be a priority. If your dept. hasn’t put a plan in place it’s time to do so before it’s too late. Get your service done before you’re back on patrol. Winter is the best time to service your boats and motors, don’t be like Joe Waitstulong and expect 1 day service and turn around in the spring or summer. It’s not going to happen pal.

Get it done now and enjoy a full worry free season on the water. If you’re a recreational boater the same thing applies to you! The military guys know the score which is why you’ll see the special forces as well as the Coast Guard, Navy etc. come through our doors so regularly in the winter time. Take a lesson from the pros and get old floppy taken care of and ship shape for when you need it.