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Bombard Commando C-4R Load Out
Bombard Commando C-4R Load Out

Models like the indefatigable Bombard Commando Series, or the Typhoon series including the Zodiac Fish N Hunt! Help us commemorate Dr Bombard’s unbelievable Atlantic Ocean crossing in a prototype boat dubbed ” The Heretic” built to his spec by Zodiac. Considered the father of modern inflatable boat design, survival at sea, and the inventor of the inflatable life raft. It was Dr Bombard that introduced Jacques-Yves Cousteau to the world of inflatable boats for his missions as an explorer, conservationist, and film maker.

Inflatable Boat Center is the West Coast Exclusive Dealer for the Bombard Commando Series.


To read Dr Bombard’s full story purchase his books in English

  • The Voyage of the Heretique, Simon and Schuster (1953)
  • The Bombard Story (1955)
  • Dr. Bombard Goes to Sea (1957)