Cardinal has done it again!

Brand New For 2015!

Cardinal has done it again with their heavy duty Aluminum Hulled CDARP 310. Cardinal Inflatables has taken input from boaters, yachtsmen and sailors alike to deliver an Aluminum Hulled RIB that has all the features you’d ever need in a boat built to stand up to the harshest conditions. Compare it’s hull to other makes and models on the market and you see why more professional users request the Cardinal CDARP 310 HD Aluminum RIB for their boating needs.

Taking some notes from the miltary and other pros using inflatable boats, Cardinal has added multiple D-Rings in critical areas for cargo handleing and tie downs.

Hoisting aboard is easy with The Cardinal Integrated Lifting System “C-LIFT” which features easy access lifting eyes in the right spots.

Metal hulled boats have always been the slipperiest boats out there and many boats require additional non-skid to combat this design flaw. Cardinal has looked at this issue from the very beginning by incorporating a High Aspect Profile Pattern Integration or “HAPPI” into the deck design making sure footing a certainty. Cardinal is the only company that has taken this approach for a standard item rather than premium add on option. “Don’t worry be HAPPI!”

Available in PVC or Hypalon

COLOR: White
BEAM: 5′
TUBES: 16″
VALVES: Leafield
WEIGHT: 143 lbs.
LOAD: 1,343 lbs.
HP: 15
Other: Two Aluminum Seats / Thirteen-316 Stainless Steel D-Rings / Bow Storage Locker / Ten Grasp Handles / Heavy Emergency Grasp Lines / Bow and Stern Carry Handles / Four-inch Full Surround Rub and Keel Strake / Stainless Steel Bow and and Stern Lifting Eyes / Fold-Down Locking Oar System with Two-Piece Breakdown Aluminun Oars and Oar Holders / Protective Transom Motor Clamp Plate / Foot Pump and Service Kit.