Wing Inflatable 4.2 Rescue Boat

The Wing 4.2 Rescue model landed in our shop this week so we thought we’d share a few pics of this new model for our professional and military users. The 4.2 comes in a flat black finish as standard but is available in rescue red on a special order basis.

Standard features such as I.C. valves, dump valves, and O.P. valves are just the beginning. Need a rapid inflation system? We have you covered out of the box with the right hook ups to make your rapid deployment a possibility. Dual scupper trunks are fitted into the transom for those operators in big or fast/swift water to empty out quick and get your precious cargo on the beach.

Composite floor boards with aggressive non-skid and a composite transom mean old swollen wooden problems are now extinct like the Dodo. Need to secure your load? 14 d-rings incorporated into the floorboards make it an easy task to strap down a litter or other cargo.

Lifting eyes in the forward thrust board and transom make swinging it over the side a breeze for marine or shipboard applications.

Whatever the need IBC has you covered with the right boat for the mission and with the introduction of the new Wing line of inflatables we’ve extended our capabilities even further.

Get your new Wing 4.2 Rescue here.