Zodiac MK3 Grand Raid Saves Lives

The Zodiac Grand Raid MK3 series of inflatable boats from Zodiac MILPRO saves lives again!

Probably the most recognized inflatable boat in the world serves multiple missions on the water daily.

Marine biologists from the Calypso Society, Police, Fire Depts., NOAA, USGS,US Military, Scripps, Woods Hole, and on and on and on! The Zodiac Grand Raids have been to the far flung corners of the World and back again doing the heavy lifting for decades as only a Zodiac MILPRO can do.

Recently IBC had Lacey Fire’s MK3 in for it’s scheduled service check and to get some reflective i.d. badges put on. IBC did all maintenance and added the new badges to the 21 year old boat (1994) and got it back on the water for it’s first rescue mission of the season. see video below

Lacey Fire District 3 completes a textbook rescue of four people on the Nisqually River after one of them used a rope swing and got swept away. The three others jumped into the river trying to rescue the first person and were also swept away before reaching an obstruction in the middle of the river. Lacey Fire’s District 3 was called in with their highly maneuverable Zodiac MK3 Grand Raid to pull the victims out of the water and deliver them safely on the bank.

Not all rescues are this easy considering many of the U.S. rescue teams only have john boats or skiffs to respond to these events. These boats place the rescuers into a rescue scenario themselves many times and a Zodiac has to be called in to rescue everyone.

Get the right tools for the job, get a Zodiac MILPRO Grand Raid and get on the water in complete confidence.

note; river and lake water remains cold at this time of year and currents are particularly swift right now, wearing a life jacket could save your life so get it on before you go.