Zodiac Bayrunner 420

I was out on the river running my Bombard Commando C4 last night and ran into one of the best 14′ boats on the water, the Zodiac Bayrunner 420. This boat’s hull is made in the US and wears the Zodiac Pro French tubes. (see image)

Zodiac Bayrunner Pro 420
Zodiac Bayrunner Pro 420

Hanging a Yamaha F40 clean burning 4 stroke motor makes this boat happy and the occupants even happier. With zero smell and only the sound of the cooling water stream at idle FISH BEWARE! This boat catches more fish than those clunky tin boats when it’s not being used for getting to those secret surf spots and secluded beaches you see in the magazines.

Wondering if you can go crabbing and salmon fishing? You betcha! If the surf is flat and the season is right owner Mark points the bow at his favorite fishing grounds and gets his limit of fish and fun!

This model is available to buy thru The Inflatable Boat Center in Portland Oregon on their website www.inflatableboats.com or by calling (503)235-2628