Mike Sets Up A Zodiac MK3 Grand Raid

Mike puts a new out of the box Zodiac MK3 Grand Raid together to show just what’s involved. Things that make this easier, that we didn’t do, is to stretch the boat without floorboards on a brand new boat, as well as spray soapy water around the tube to floor fabric seam to let the new floorboards slide into place. A new out of the box boat will fight you for the first assembly so just have patience and if possible a helping hand.

The Zodiac MK3 Grand Raid is probably the most used boat in water rescue and for exploration missions. Tough Zodiac MILPRO NEO/CSM Hypalon lasts for decades making this boat an extreme value for any user. Heavy Duty Aluminum Floorboards with included Zodiac Floor Channel System allows for many accessories to be used expanding mission capabilities even greater.

Get your new Zodiac MK3 Grand Raid and get out on the water today.