NOAA and Zodiac MK2 Grand Raid

Today I brought in a boat for some tlc between NOAA deployments that I thought was worth mention. The Zodiac MK2 Grand Raid is one of the oldest and most recognizable models in the Zodiac MILPRO line up. We love them and use them for our missions as well as spec them out to research and rescue agencies like NOAA and various fire depts.

Mike was checking one in and got to talking about two things he loves; the arctic and pinnipeds (seals and seal lions). As it turned out the boat that needed a little lipstick and rouge was the NOAA Pacific Marine Mammal Labs’ for studies in the arctic.

We thought we’d share a little video of these boats and the brave people at NOAA Pacific Marine Mammal Labs’ daily grind. Think your job is tough or worried that you’ll bump into something and “POP” your Zodiac? These aren’t your low end copy cat brand X inflatables pouring out of China, these are the real deal Cousteau Adventure Military and Professional Zodiacs the legend is based on.