Top Ten Inflatable Boats For 2015!


Capt. Ron sent me a link to a video titled top 10 for 2015 and was I ever disappointed much like you are right now. In the video the computer voice with a European accent shows several models of future landfill disasters or as we call them here in the shop “shower curtain pool toys”. Featuring words like 30 gage vinyl, marine style, or my favorite “Zodiac type” the viewer is transported down an ever increasing line of bull sh#t builds.

Me being me I went ahead and looked at the code and saw what I knew I would. Links to various online retail shopping giants unloading mass quantities of trash bags labeled as boats to unknowing buyers. I’ll be dealing with these irate people on the phone later. No….. no…. no…. no, we do not sell these boats, nor do we have parts, and no we don’t have a patch kit either. I get literally thousands of calls a week for support for these fly by night environmentally retarded boats.

First off if it says “Zodiac Type” it’s a scam! The same goes for “Avon Type” or “Bombard Type” you are being taken advantage of and being parted from your cash like a rube at the carnival. If you want a Zodiac you have to buy a Zodiac, a “Zodiac Type” is wrong on every level and it tarnishes the good Zodiac name they spent over 100 years developing.

If it says “Free Shipping” you are being screwed because if the seller can give away $400.00 on a $1000.00 boat and still make his mark you have to figure the thing cost him much less than shipping to buy. Typical profits on actual baseline Zodiacs aren’t even half as much as the other guys free shipping. Confused? Wondering how in the world can the seller do that and still make money? The answer is they paid slave wages to some poor exploited offshore worker and used substandard materials and manufacturing techniques. Delivering that “Zodiac Type” inflatable boat to your door for less than we can buy boats as a dealer only lines their pockets with your money and pollutes your back yard with their refuse.

Smarten up America, don’t destroy the planet with cheap materials that can’t even be legally manufactured in North America or Europe. IBC can not supply parts, repairs, or materials for these models so stop calling with fire in your voice we didn’t sell you that horror show you did it to yourselves.

If you can’t afford a Zodiac save up a bit longer or don’t complain to me when you get what you paid for.