IBC Extra Capacity Launching Wheels Now Available

IBC is pleased to announce the arrival of our custom built to spec Extra Capacity Launching Wheels now in stock.

Features include:

  • heavy duty reinforced one piece red wheels
  • 15.5″ X 4″ black tires
  • heavy duty dual struts
  • heavy duty dual brackets
  • heavy duty nylon bushings
  • self locking hardware
  • 420lb max capacity
  • 30psi cold pressure rating

IBC Extra Capacity Launching Wheels fit into heavy duty aluminum channels that are installed on your boat’s transom making launching and retrieving your inflatable boat as easy as 1,2,3!

Imagine never having to lift or carry your boat, motor and gear to the water again!


2.Wheels Down

3. Hang Outboard/Load Boat


Bigger Wheels than those cheap imitations found elsewhere online, 30 psi inflation pressure, 420lb capacity handle even the toughest beaches.

IBC Extra Capacity  Launching Wheels Roll effortlessly over all types of terrain even pea gravel and sugar sand!

Designed and built to our exacting standards for serious boaters just like you.