The Zodiac Story (short version)

“Formed in 1909 as an airship company, Zodiac began repurposing the technology for use in boats as early as 1934, with the development of a 2-seat inflatable kayak. In 1940, Zodiac invents the prototype of the first inflatable boat. Since the 40’s every major development in the inflatable boat and RIB industry has been developed by Zodiac.”

One day in 1977 an awesome incident, at first terrifying, and then delightful beyond words, occurred! A gray whale came over to one of our whale-watching Zodiacs, touched our small boat gently, and allowed itself to be petted by us all. It even reached out with its rostrum (“nose”) to touch our outstretched hands. Fran began to sing Amazing Grace. The whale stayed for two hours. Everyone sang. Her name is Grace, of course. She was a teenage female, and blew bubbles beneath our small gray Zodiac inflatable, an activity long observed between mother and calf, and considered to be playful. Piet Van de Mark