Floods Meet Their Match / Zodiac MILPRO ERB Emergency Response Boat

Rain, floods, and natural disasters happen, just look at IBC’s home state or Oregon this week.

Photo Credit Bruce Sussman Portld Meteorologist
Photo Credit Bruce Sussman Portland Meteorologist

Climate change is causing flooding and heavy weather in greater frequency all throughout the World and governments are struggling to keep up with the calls.Towing a trailer over unimproved roads and on trails to a response site is difficult to say the least. Now see why having a ready to launch rescue boat with you at all times just became possible and practical using the Zodiac MILPRO ERB.

Any patrol vehicle can become a rescue vehicle capable of performing swift water rescue, flood rescue, active lifesaving, etc. In 3 minutes a first responder can go from response to active rescue with the take anywhere Zodiac MILPRO ERB Inflatable Boat.
Using existing compressed gas technologies available to any police, fire, rescue, or military unit extends the capability and flexibility to use anywhere or anytime with any system. Consumers can even make use of the ERB’s rapid inflation system by using their personal SCUBA tank and getting a ready dive boat or dinghy that is built military tough but easily rolls back up to a small manageable package.”No inflation tank, no problem!”, just use any hand, electric or foot pump and you are on the water in minutes.

Go more places and save more lives with the Zodiac MILPRO ERB and The Inflatable Boat Center.
ERB Demos available by appointment to qualified agencies by calling IBC Zodiac’s Senior Dealership and MILPRO Elite Dealer. www.inflatableboats.com (503)235-2628

The Zodiac ERB 380 and Zodiac MILPRO ERB 400 can deploy in under 3 minutes.