Jay’s New Zodiac Bayrunner Pro 500 Touring

This morning was bright, clear, and cold as Jay made his way up the corridor to his final destination at IBC. Today was the day Jay got to pick up his brand spanking new 2016 Zodiac Bayrunner Pro 500 Touring for SONAR research. She was all ready to go on her trailer for deployment to Monterey Bay where her main duties are to study the impacts of infra-sonic range acoustics on marine life.

jay zodiac bayrunner 500 touring

We always get excited when someone says “marine life” or “Zodiac” because the two are like peas in a pod, you usually see them together. Ever wonder why so many whale watching tours use a Zodiac? The simple answer is marine life, whether mammals or fish, love inflatables as much as we do!


The Zodiac Bayrunner 500 Jay is picking up has the Zodiac Advantage of being a very stable and seaworthy boat with replaceable tubes that extend the operating life indefinitely. Easy to plane with very little effort means that no matter what Jay is doing he is impacting the environment in the least possible way with his Zodiac.

To get your very own Zodiac Bayrunner 500 Pro Touring simply click here or give IBC a call at (503)235-2628 and get underway today!