Fishing From An Inflatable Boat

It never ceases to amaze me on how many people ask me if you can fish from an inflatable boat. Frankly most of the people who ask me also have follow up questions like “How much does the boat weigh when it’s full of air and when it’s empty?”. So to answer the age old question can you fish from an inflatable boat my response is a “YES!”. Heck, you can fish from any boat if you have access to one.

Tim catches yet another fish at World famous fishery Buoy10 in his Zodiac Futura
Tim catches yet another fish at World famous fishery Buoy 10 in his Zodiac Futura

In the NW (I moved here from Hawaii) everyone has almost the exact same tin boat design but with different brand stickers on them, and they all seem to think that only tin catches fish. I fish on all types of boats; the aluminum sled, the fiberglass flavors, ferro-cement, sailboats, etc.,  but I prefer to fish on the inflatable when I get time to do so. No, I’ve never experienced a fish hook hole or a billfish puncture, and yes we fish for the monsters out of reach to the fleet of tin that clogs the Columbia River each year.

As for the whole salmon thing where most of these questions seem to come from, the reason you usually don’t see me is I’ve already caught my daily limit and came in before you got into your boat or hog line. I don’t like to sit out there all day in the cold doing the same thing and getting no results. To me that’s the definition of crazy. I go out, catch my fish, and then go home to spend the rest of the day with my girl doing better things.

Inflatable boats represent a tremendous advantage and significantly lower operating cost over other hull types and construction techniques, which translates to a much lower cost per pound of fish. Most of my friends who use inflatables to fish also have the big metal monsters sitting in their driveways, they obviously know something the sea lawyers don’t about fishing.

On a final note when your indestructible aluminum sled takes water over the bow or is stuck in a tidal bore or on the bar it’ll be an inflatable that comes out to rescue you. Just keep your hands off of my fish!


As commented on our Facebook page by long time inflatable boat fisherman Dan F you can also crab with an inflatable boat. So fishing, crabbing, and what else?