The Bombard Line Of Inflatable Boats

Bombard L Angeviniere

Created in France during 1937 L Angeviniere specialized in equipment and clothing manufacturing for the French Navy. L Angviniere’s meeting with Dr. Bombard in 1957 spurred the development of liferafts based on Dr. Bombard’s experiances as a volutary castaway during 1952’s incredible Atlantic crossing. Development of class 1 models and the class 4 models it heralded from 1964 covered the range at the time for fisherman,commercial activities and of course the pleasure models.

The first Commando models were introduced in 1972 and were lauded for their incredible performance and handling in all water types. From performing rescues in icey high lattitude waters to sporting events and regattas in the tropics and at Cape Horn, the Bombard L Angeviniere line of boats quickly became the world leader in liferafts and performance boats.In 1980 Zodiac bought Bombard L Angeviniere and with it it’s vast expertise in liferafts and more professional boats such as the Commando series.

Now Zodiac a brand in it’s own right Bombard offers an alternative to the Zodiac line in it’s economical tenders and dinghies, leisure boats and RIBs, Explorer RIBs, and the tried and tested Commando lineup.

IBC uses Bombard Commando boats heavily in many different areas and offers ultra-affordable Bombard Typhoon models for those of us who don’t need a big Explorer RIB or Commando. IBC is your source for Bombard Inflatable Boats and RIBs in North America and has been since it’s founding in 1972. Our very own Captain Ron has used the Bombard Commando line to compete internationally in the inflatable boat racing circut and has many tropies and titles under his belt. From Africa to the Peyette River in Idaho Ron has been there and done that all in a Bombard Commando. His current Bombard Commando C3 (from 1982) still takes names when he gets it wet and stands as a testament to the quality, durability and ruggedness of the Bombard line.

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Bombard Inflatable Boats