Bombard Commando C4R Rescue Jet

While out running a water test of a Bombard Commando C4R Rescue Jet on the Willamette River with Chris & Mike from IBC’s Special Boats Div. (and of course Nora the shop dog too) we came across a couple of bald eagles resting on a snag.

No, your dog's nails won't "pop" your inflatable boat. Just ask Nora our shop dog who is considered one of the bigger ones.
No, your dog’s nails won’t “pop” your inflatable boat. Just ask Nora our shop dog who is considered one of the bigger ones.

Bald eagles are returning in bigger numbers to our Willamette River and are an indicator species for ecology because they eat the organisms that live in the water such as trout, carp, bass, etc. Our rivers are getting cleaner and are safe to swim and recreate on which brings us back to the water test.

bald eagles on the willamette river
Bald Eagles On The Willamette River


This particular package is the second one built by IBC and the Special Boats Division for Montana’s search and rescue teams. They chose the Bombard Commando C4R for it’s rescue red color, and it’s wooden keeled performance that far surpasses any other inflatable boat rigged with a jet. The Bombard Commando C4R is rigged with a four stroke Yamaha 40/30 jet to allow access to flooded areas with debris, skinny rivers and creeks, and also offer protection from prop strikes to victims and rescuers in the water.

IBC and it’s Special Boats Division has pioneered the jet modifications used on these craft from it’s early white water racing roots with Capt. Ron Mauselle, to the new breed of boaters like Adam, Chris, and Mike. Our crew rates as “super users” and operates on all bodies of water in all conditions. We have an intimate understanding of the needs of the rescue professionals because we do it ourselves.

With proprietary mods and tuning IBC will take your visions of mission profiles and make them the things of legend. IBC serves the professional, military and recreational markets and offers boat packages for every occasion or mission. Give IBC a call today and see why we rate #1 for tough military and professional missions and #1 for recreational applications world wide.

Now for a couple of pics of the boat we ran this morning while you were sleeping.