Zodiac MK2C Classic Does It All

People frequently call and ask us which boat we would use for a given application or mission and very often it’s the Zodiac Classic range that’s the go to answer. The Zodiac Classic range does it all, and it does it all better than most, inflatable or not.

Forget for a minute the word “Classic” and it’s definition because today in the digital age of 10 second obsolescence “Classic” means old and outdated. Instead think of “Classic” as indefatigable, tested, proven, burly, or whatever the in crowd of internutters are saying currently.

The Zodiac Classic line is one of deep heritage that has been there and done that it hasn’t had to change because it nears perfection from the start. Aside from modern changes like;

  • the patented inflatable keel (it used to be wood)
  •  it’s heavy duty aluminum floors (they used to be wood)
  • Zodiac’s Strongan™ space age fabric

it remains pretty much the same design as back in the day (WW2 timeline).

We know it’s strengths which is why we use it ourselves here for our many varied missions like “The Big Float”  where we use it to take bands and their gear to and from the floating stage. The Zodiac MK2C was used this year for this as well as for rescue and agency support. IBC worked with several federal, state, and local agencies to coordinate the general safety over watch for this event. Why did we chose the Zodiac MK2C? Because it works, every time.

From a performance stand point the Zodiac MK2C is faster by a few mph than other models in the 12’6″ range with the same motor. The Zodiac MK2C gets on plane quicker and carries more than it’s competition all with reduced fuel consumption and big grins for all who are lucky enough to have one. Don’t take our word for it see it for yourself!