Ice Storm Hitting Portland

Well the 2017 Portland Boat Show came and went during what has been the worst weather in Portland for years. Convention goers had to brave snowy and icy conditions just for a glimpse of the new Avon Tenders and IBC’s Special Boats Division Commando/Recon models.

Moving out of the 2017 Portland Boat Show had it’s own set of issues but snowy, icy, roads was on the forefront of it all. Despite dismal attendance IBC and Zodiac Nautic were on station to give some quality time to the V.I.P.s who were brave enough or foolhardy enough to venture out into the fray. Those who made it were rewarded, and we were happy to make some future adventures possible for new and old owners alike.

Today is a new day and with the new day comes new challenges, take our impending ice storm that bears down on us while I type this. All of our efforts can’t overcome Mother Nature and as such IBC will be closing early. Shipping inbound and outbound is cancelled until drivers are able to navigate Portland’s icy unplowed and unsalted roads. Public transport has been suspended or detoured with Portland’s Trimet telling citizens to stay indoors unless it’s an emergency. (stay safe out there Portland)

Yes, apparently “The City That Works” only works when the weather is nice!

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