Maxxon XPW239 Inflatable Fishing Boat

Words like “jaw dropping” and “unbelievable” are so much click bait these days it’s hard to separate the truth from the fake while online. So much hype and hyperbole abound it’s no wonder people get tricked into buying little more than a shower curtain when they shop online for a portable fishing boat.

Maxxon Outfitters has heard the call of the disenchanted and responded with an affordable option that get’s it done with high quality craftsmanship and materials in an inflatable fishing boat that is very quickly becoming the gold standard. Taking feedback from the pros and amateur anglers alike Maxxon went to work designing what fisherman wanted in a small portable inflatable fishing boat. With quality and attention to detail as the impetus for the manufacturing team Maxxon has released a real winner in all aspects.

Some of you might remember the Maxxon name from their bulletproof pontoons that are used in the polar regions to move big heavy mining equipment and fisherman to the places other boats simply can’t get to. This same build quality and focus on usability is in the Maxxon XPW 239 and fisherman are rejoicing everywhere.

At 7’6” in length and with a capacity of 606 lbs. the XPW-239 is an inflatable stream and calm water craft. At 32 lbs. all in (25 lbs. for just the boat and backpack) and built of 0.9 mm, 1100 denier Korean PVC, this rig comes loaded with oars, seat, grommet gear attach system, stripping apron, storage bag, pump, bungie cargo net and its own back pack, to get the angler into those secret and hard to reach fishing holes.

One of the biggest hits at the 2017 NW Sportsman Show the Maxxon XPW239 is all set for adventure for the beginner to the expert alike. Orders begin shipping from IBC in April and these boats are moving fast. Get your secret weapon ordered today and don’t miss another fishing oppertunity ever again.

Now available for pre-order thru IBC!

Product ships mid April


Maxxon offers a 5-year limited warranty