Western Vancouver Island Surf Meets Zodiac Futura

Another one of our customers here at IBC was looking for a good surf boat to use on an expedition to Vancouver Island in BC. As per usual we had already made that trip ourselves years ago so we had a few ideas. Adam put together a Zodiac MK2 Futura HD for the platform because of the patented Futura hull design allows very quick and laser precise handling. The Zodiac Futura’s ability to turn in it’s own length without ventilation or cavitation makes it ideal for maneuvering in the impact zone and reef channels leading to the lineup.

Having surfers or swimmers in the water while operating a boat can be nerve wracking and dangerous to say the least. With this in mind Adam had our mechanic Chris rig an Evinrude Rescue Pro ETEC jet pump for an outboard which was developed for this exact purpose for our nation’s special forces. The Evinrude Rescue Pro ETEC outboard has evolved from a special forces motor in it’s Enforcer configuration to the Rescue Pro which is used by many of the swift water rescue agencies in America today. When the calls come in for a jet outdrive the options are limited to mostly the Bombard Commando series of inflatable boats. Typical outboard jets do not work with the Zodiac Futura Hull well at all, which is why the Evinrude ETEC Rescue Pro is used on the special Futura hulled boats for rescue, and military special forces. Making the leap to the recreational market was an inevitable outcome because of the protection it offers to people in the water.

No one likes to be out in the doldrums on a boat with the sun blazing down on them, and for this Adam added a Bimini Top to the Zodiac Futura’s tubes. Simply by un-folding the Bimini and clipping it’s straps to d-rings will alleviate much of the sun’s harmful rays and provide a cool dry shaded area for the person not surfing at the time. The Bimini Top is so popular we add it to many other inflatable boats for everything from fishing to camping or even just a nice cruise on the river.

Adam put the Zodiac MK2 Futura HD on a trailer for places that allowed access via a launch ramp. Those more remote surf destinations where services are unavailable require the use of launching wheels and Adam has again put his years of experience to use here. Adam has even went as far as providing inflatable launching rollers that can be rolled and stowed anywhere you can take a rolled up boat.

To have Adam build your dream boat give him a call (503)235-2628 and get out on the water today.