Prop Guards For Safety

The recent deaths to some first responders and marine enforcement deputies that triggered an action requiring Prop Guards on certain county police/fire units weighs heavy on our minds here at IBC. When we train swift water rescue, flood response, etc, we are training with Prop Guards or special forces outboards that have an enclosed impellor device to prevent prop strikes.

Just because we are training with these devices doesn’t mean they are for training only. The super secret outboards we supply to Navy and other special forces units were developed specifically to keep combat swimmers and rescuers safe from such occurrences. The use of Prop Guards on civilian and state/federal rescuers is still considered mandatory by IBC pilots/instructors Mike and Adam.

The cavalier attitude that “It won’t happen to me.”, is often followed by tragic news. If you are operating with swimmers/victims in the water you need to have a Prop Guard installed period. Fears that performance will be affected to detriment are unfounded and misplaced. Even if you lose one knot off the top the benefits far exceed the reduction in speed of one knot. If you think you can’t suffer the performance loss you’ve never seen the Australian Surf Rescue competitions on TV or the internet. The Aussies use a very well covered design and perform rescues daily without putting a victim thru a blender.

IBC stocks Prop Guard brand Prop Guards for all sizes of motors that will fulfill any requirement military or civilian, and has other options for rock protection, and special purpose/tactics as well. Don’t be a statistic, don’t let ego run the show, be prepared and be safe as boating and rescue have always been  classified as dangerous. The toughest people we know are smart enough to use a Prop Guard so an average boater shouldn’t have any excuse to not have one.

Mike doesn’t like getting the calls from police and fire agencies, neither does Adam, and especially if it involves children as was the case recently. Don’t be foolish, get a Prop Guard, shut off the motor if there are swimmers in the water, keep a proper watch, don’t drink and boat, and always wear a life jacket. No one likes to do a recovery operation, those images will stick with you for the rest of your life.

To get a Prop Guard click here or call Adam (503)235-2628 for military and professional applications.