Zodiac Pro 5.5

Pulling the trigger on a new boat can be daunting with so many options online these days. Getting a good boat is even more difficult because of the online presence of so many bad brands that look good from far, but are far from good. Why should you buy a Zodiac when this other model is half as much money and even comes with a free tooth brush?

All kidding aside boaters getting duped into a lesser product that promises the moon and the stars with free bling and swag separates the wheat from the chafe. Features that you may overlook because of that price tag often leave a poorly informed customer with a bad taste in their mouth. When doing research the end user should be looking at more than the cheapest price. Research these days is just that, patting yourself on the back because you saved five bucks leads to issues and landfill in today’s buy it now economy.

Workmanship and trade craft have left the building and been replaced by free shipping and lower prices for a similar product. Thank heaven there are still some scruples and skill when it comes to quality over quantity manufacturers like Zodiac and it’s new Pro 5.5.

Options like a professional grade hull and professional replaceable tubes are a hallmark to the series. Yamaha Four Stroke engines don’t come cheap but are synonymous with dependability and performance. Molded in features like a bow locker in a professional grade top deck and below deck fuel tank free up space for additional creature comforts like a hi precision T-Top and after folding bench.

When you own a quality boat why put a sub par trailer under your investment? Often times unscrupulous dealers will install a cheap trailer under their version of boat just to keep that normal internet researcher interested with unbelievable low pricing. That’s just bad form and leads to problems later when you travel at speed. More than once we’ve lost a sale to another brand or dealer only to have the customer come back to us to fix their boat because it was setup wrong and on the wrong trailer. Long story short the boat whips back and forth on the freeway due to improper loading of the tongue, and the tow vehicle, boat, trailer and customer end up in the ditch upside down.

Getting a good trailer like a proper EZ Loader Trailer will help keep you and your investment safe. This boat and trailer package are made to work together in perfect harmony which is in the end the primary goal.

If you want to see the new Zodiac Pro 5.5 in person, or another boat give us a call before pulling that boat trigger and see what a difference it can make to your overall happiness.