IBC Corona Virus Update 08/10/21

Portland’s new mask mandate begins Friday 08/13/21 which means in order to visit IBC you must be wearing a mask regardless of your immunization status. Please leave small children and elderly at home when visiting, no large groups will be allowed into the showroom and capacity of the showroom will be capped to no more than 6 individuals at any one time.

MILPRO and REC manufacturing/shipping are impacted/delayed due to the Corona Virus so please plan ahead to avoid a shortfall of services or products. Many of our online items show out of stock, this is due to the severe bottleneck of shipping and to a lesser degree manufacturing. ALL manufacturers are experiencing increased demand for products with shipping adding an additional 6 months to a year on special order items such as tubes.

We are getting calls from across the globe from customers looking for outboards, boats, and trailers with increasing numbers looking to IBC to fill the holes in their local supply chains. It’s unsustainable for IBC to correct all of the global manufacturer issues but we’ll do our best with what we can get. These are difficult times that can test your patience and resolve especially with more mask mandates and closures happening throughout key regions where shipping and manufacturing occur.

Most of our day to day is spent answering the phones trying to explain the shortfalls of the various industries that are very much out of our control. Remember the whole World is going thru this in just about every facet of the production pipeline, it’s not just Zodiac or Yamaha or insert various brands here . Boats, motors, shipping, and parts have all seen substantial increases in cost over the last year with demand far outstripping current supply. If you have placed a special order it will be fulfilled, albeit a bit slower than usual and this shouldn’t be coming as a surprise to anyone at this point in our COVID Climate.

All we can do is be well and keep up a positive attitude while we patiently wait for new shipments of goods to arrive.